Friday, April 29, 2011


So I bet most people think that overalls are a thing of the past, right? Or not! I think they're coming back haha or something because I've been seeing them at popular stores (aka Forever21) a lot lately! Even though I have some Popteens from like 2007 were models are wearing overalls (-.-) America seems to be picking up on this. Anywaysss I already posted a picture of these before when  I tried them on at the store but here is my outfit that I wore! I LOVE these so much they are also floral~~ so cuuuteee! >w<

I think they are absolutely adorable hahaha and it makes me feel like a little kid! Which is nice because man I miss those good old days lol. And I think that it brings a little variation to shorts in the summer which is also a plus! Because I looove wearing shorts they are so fun and nice because here is is hella windy all the time and my skirt would always be blowing up in the wind (T_T).

And as a bonus, here is another outfit. I call this didn't-have-any-washed-clothes-at-my-dorm-so-this-is-random- coordinate (>_<) I literally just thew on whatever and it so didn't match (T_T) it was like blue and pink and white and grey with brown boots... LOL that was rough. But yeah I like the pieces of clothing separately... but together... :/

Mmkay well and since there was really no specific subject to this and I just picked overalls, enjoy pictures of models wearing them! :P

Yeahh I think I want a jean pair now! haha

Oh yeah and so... I know I don't have many people reading now but I've been so busy with school and work and finals and ahhh (T_T) so i've been too lazy to post.. how sad!  But yeah I'm so glad that school is almost over.. (1 more week!) And then I'm going to Thailand! Yay so exciting hehe I want to go shopping now sooo bad! It'll be great hehe.

Mmkay yeah thats it! Thanks for reading~ :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

No point.. LOL

Ummm hi? :) 

lol so there is really no point to this post I think. Besides the fact that I tried a few new things today so I'm going to post about them! >w< So here is the outfit for today. Not the girly floral style that I've been wearing lately but today it looked a little chilly so I wanted to wear my long sleeved shirt (even though the fact that I'm not wearing pants defeats that purpose... but who cares! lol) oh but yeah I AM wearing shorts no worries ;)

So other than that, with my makeup today I stacked some lashesss. I really like it cause I had time to get dressed and put on makeup so stacking lashes is fun! and it really makes them nice and thick which is amazinggg. I hate putting on too much mascara so this method is way better!


lol I think its the whole like looking up thing and our bangs XD but yeah i was like omg!

Kay well I guess I'll talk about some life things :) 
In 2 weeks school will be over and I'm going to Thailand! We are going for 3 months~ Such a long time haha. But I'm excited to see my family and I feel like I haven't been in forever even though its only been like what, a year?  My mom has been there like this whole year and she also keeps telling me about how good the shopping is now cause she's finding a lot of stuff haha. She's like yeah I wanna take you to this mall and this mall! I'm really looking forward to that ;P Shoppingggg~~!

I think we are also going to go to Korea this year since Japan's condition is not good :/ I wish there was some way to help them even more, but I guess all we can do is pray and hope for their recovery (and give money of course :O ) but yeah every year we used to go to Japan just to hang out a little but my mom says she is afraid this year and we should go to South Korea instead. I've always wanted to go! Also my friend is there right now on a study abroad program so maybe she can show us around and help us out since I know no Korean LOL (and I doubt the random shoutings I know from dramas will help :P)

Yeah so that's basically it. Thanks to anyone if you read this :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Talking about brands :O

So last weekend my mom and I went to a Coach outlet factory store thing and bought some bags~ This is the one that I got! It was cute and pink and so of course I just HAD to get it! Coach is like my favorite like "affordable" brand, according to my mom (because god knows if she didn't buy me this stuff there'd be no way I could afford it LOL) but yeah.  They have really cute designs and I like how the bags I have of theirs can like go with multiple outfits- like they're unique but simple enough to match with anything.

I know that in a lot of fashion its all about brand (especially in Japan o.o).  But aren't things that aren't even brand good too? Like you can find an equally as cute a bag from a random store that isn't brand, but then if something is brand its regarded as like "better" or whatever.  I didn't think this was true like among this age but I guess the more I think about it, it kinda is :/ I don't mean to be a hypocrite here because I still love brand things but isn't it okay to mix and match? Lol like for my mom she prefers to have everything brand like purse, shoes, clothes, etc. It just seems like too much for me. We also just watched a vid in class where they were interviewing a Japanese girl on the street and she spent like 300$ on a Chanel scarf and 600$ on her bag and whatnot. How the hell do people afford these things?? x_x; I make like... 500 a month at work and its barely enough for my normal lifestyle, without buying such expensive things haha. Then again I don't work full time but still! I don't know I just don't think that is for me lol.

Okaaay enough talking I guess XD Man I wish I had more pictures! But anyways here's an outfit :)

Kay thanks bye! :)
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair and school? hahaha

Oh yeahhhh lets start off with.. outfit pic! Hahaha i always forget to do them but here is this one XD Its plainnn but I only had 1 hour to wear it before changing into my uniform for work T_T;

On another note, I've been wearing my hair short lately because i just loooove the way Okarie's is short and blonde and I'm still obsessing over her LOL. Here is the typical look I do with short hair..

As you can see, not that interesting bahaha. Just curled it and whatnot with my straightener. Its starting to grow on me which is good because putting in extensions every morning can get so tiring~ And I'm lazy!  

Speaking of lazy.. I don't want to go to class!! And its Japanese which is my favorite so thats weird >_< what hope do I have of going to other classes if I don't even want to go to my favorite one lol. I also just signed up for my classes for next year :O I'm taking Biology 1, Bio-psychology, Japanese intermediate 1, Shakespeare for nonmajors, and Ethics in medicine. I don't know if I'm going to stick with all of these classes but i really need to pick up my game if I want to graduate on time >_<  I really am just sooo frickin' lazy though! Hahaha they need to invent something for that xD

Mmkay well i'm out. Peace! :)  
Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm starting a vlog channel on YouTube and just recorded my first video! :) I'm not sure what this channel is going to be about yet but for now it'll be random things ^^;

Excuse me I'm not that good yet but I want to practice as much as I can! I'm so nervous to just talk in front of a camera though its like so weird and even though I know I can mess up because there is a thing called editing, I still can't get over this feeling!

Anyways, here is an outfit shot for today.

I love these summer dresses! They are so cuteee. I bought this last summer but towards the end so I didn't really get a chance to wear them.  But now that the weather is getting nicer I'm going to start wearing them more! :)]

I want to buy some more~ I wish that Yumetenbo wasn't so expensive because their dresses are absolutely AMAZING!

Some that I want~

I'm also a little obsessed with floral as you can probably tell. Its so cute!

Mmkay well thats all I got lol :P Till next time!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mall haul! And makeup~

Okay, finally got the courage to do full gyaru makeup today! Here is the result... lol

I don't like the way I did the top lashes though- they make my eyes look too... long. I want them to look big and round! Like Satomin's or something... but its probably cause her eyes are shaped that way LOL. I also cheated and cut a pair of old, worn out lashes and used the smaller half for the lower lash line. It looks okay though right? I ordered Diamond Lash lower lashes today though so i'll use that one next time ^^;

Kay so outfit for today~

My mom and I spent all day at the mall and bought $400 worth of stuff LOL. Preview of an outfit I bought~ (me in the fitting room LOL)

Kay now for the things I got!

Blue and Pink floral layer top

Pink top with bow

Harajuku Lovers tote (floral with gothic letters)

Sun hat

Redish floral top

Grey layer skirt

black shorts

denim puffy skirt

hello kitty pink watch!!

pink Guess wallet

White puffy blouse

Yay for stuff!! I love shopping!
Friday, April 8, 2011

Nothing really~

Hello everyone~ So there is basically no point to today's blog except for some camwhoring and foood :)

Makeup for the day! Also, my nails! Did them myself hehe :)

 Kay enough camming! A few days ago me and Nhi went downtown for a sushi dinner :D
 Doesn't it look delicious?! I LOVE SUSHI! hahaha if I could afford it I would probably eat sushi everyday~

And then of course, for dessert... Fro yo! My favorite is original with strawberries and waffle bits. Nhi likes mochi so we also got that. Yummmm!

Kay for real thats all. I'll post some model pics to make it less boring though LOL. How about some Okarie? I've been a little obsessed with her ^^;

Her smiley eyes are the best!!

So cute! Kay... ^^