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Chic meets kawaii (OOTD)

Hello everyone! ♡
I wanted to talk about my current style and a few things I've been loving for winter. I feel like an entirely different person (in terms of fashion) when it comes to winter. When the weather starts getting colder, I think of pearls, gold jewelry, warm beautiful jackets, and just pure glam. Looking back on my Instagram feed (@xsakisaki) I've noticed that over the past several years I've always felt this way about winter. Maybe it's because when I think of winter fashion, I picture the beautiful women in the 1950s in New York with their glamorous coats and leather handbags walking through snowy streets. Not to say this this style is anywhere near that, but I do feel a bit more "glam" and less "kawaii" like my normal style nowadays. I am still experimenting and playing around with mixing more cute and kawaii fashion by wearing the Japanese brands that I love such as Liz Lisa or Ank Rouge, with more high street, or luxury pieces to sati…

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