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Hello everyone! ♡ 
Welcome back to my blog! I am very excited to write this blog post because one, I am revealing my new (well new to me) beautiful handbag baby, and two, I wanted to share with everyone how I scored this amazing handbag for a fraction of retail price and literally saved THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!  Whats my secret? Keep reading to find out!

I have long lusted after the Chanel classic flap in the jumbo size but there was just one tiny problem standing in my way... retail cost for his beauty brand new is now a whopping $6300 something after tax in the US but luckily, I was able to snag this bag  for literally over $2500 dollars off! The best part is that it looks like brand new and in amazing condition!! Without stalling too much I will tell you exactly how I did it. 
First, I stalked the living hell out of all the second hand websites, resellers and apps out there. For reference, the ones that I check most frequently are eBay, The Real Real, Fashionphile, TradesyYoogi's …

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