Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm starting a vlog channel on YouTube and just recorded my first video! :) I'm not sure what this channel is going to be about yet but for now it'll be random things ^^;

Excuse me I'm not that good yet but I want to practice as much as I can! I'm so nervous to just talk in front of a camera though its like so weird and even though I know I can mess up because there is a thing called editing, I still can't get over this feeling!

Anyways, here is an outfit shot for today.

I love these summer dresses! They are so cuteee. I bought this last summer but towards the end so I didn't really get a chance to wear them.  But now that the weather is getting nicer I'm going to start wearing them more! :)]

I want to buy some more~ I wish that Yumetenbo wasn't so expensive because their dresses are absolutely AMAZING!

Some that I want~

I'm also a little obsessed with floral as you can probably tell. Its so cute!

Mmkay well thats all I got lol :P Till next time!

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