Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mall haul! And makeup~

Okay, finally got the courage to do full gyaru makeup today! Here is the result... lol

I don't like the way I did the top lashes though- they make my eyes look too... long. I want them to look big and round! Like Satomin's or something... but its probably cause her eyes are shaped that way LOL. I also cheated and cut a pair of old, worn out lashes and used the smaller half for the lower lash line. It looks okay though right? I ordered Diamond Lash lower lashes today though so i'll use that one next time ^^;

Kay so outfit for today~

My mom and I spent all day at the mall and bought $400 worth of stuff LOL. Preview of an outfit I bought~ (me in the fitting room LOL)

Kay now for the things I got!

Blue and Pink floral layer top

Pink top with bow

Harajuku Lovers tote (floral with gothic letters)

Sun hat

Redish floral top

Grey layer skirt

black shorts

denim puffy skirt

hello kitty pink watch!!

pink Guess wallet

White puffy blouse

Yay for stuff!! I love shopping!

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