Friday, April 29, 2011


So I bet most people think that overalls are a thing of the past, right? Or not! I think they're coming back haha or something because I've been seeing them at popular stores (aka Forever21) a lot lately! Even though I have some Popteens from like 2007 were models are wearing overalls (-.-) America seems to be picking up on this. Anywaysss I already posted a picture of these before when  I tried them on at the store but here is my outfit that I wore! I LOVE these so much they are also floral~~ so cuuuteee! >w<

I think they are absolutely adorable hahaha and it makes me feel like a little kid! Which is nice because man I miss those good old days lol. And I think that it brings a little variation to shorts in the summer which is also a plus! Because I looove wearing shorts they are so fun and nice because here is is hella windy all the time and my skirt would always be blowing up in the wind (T_T).

And as a bonus, here is another outfit. I call this didn't-have-any-washed-clothes-at-my-dorm-so-this-is-random- coordinate (>_<) I literally just thew on whatever and it so didn't match (T_T) it was like blue and pink and white and grey with brown boots... LOL that was rough. But yeah I like the pieces of clothing separately... but together... :/

Mmkay well and since there was really no specific subject to this and I just picked overalls, enjoy pictures of models wearing them! :P

Yeahh I think I want a jean pair now! haha

Oh yeah and so... I know I don't have many people reading now but I've been so busy with school and work and finals and ahhh (T_T) so i've been too lazy to post.. how sad!  But yeah I'm so glad that school is almost over.. (1 more week!) And then I'm going to Thailand! Yay so exciting hehe I want to go shopping now sooo bad! It'll be great hehe.

Mmkay yeah thats it! Thanks for reading~ :)

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