Thursday, April 21, 2011

No point.. LOL

Ummm hi? :) 

lol so there is really no point to this post I think. Besides the fact that I tried a few new things today so I'm going to post about them! >w< So here is the outfit for today. Not the girly floral style that I've been wearing lately but today it looked a little chilly so I wanted to wear my long sleeved shirt (even though the fact that I'm not wearing pants defeats that purpose... but who cares! lol) oh but yeah I AM wearing shorts no worries ;)

So other than that, with my makeup today I stacked some lashesss. I really like it cause I had time to get dressed and put on makeup so stacking lashes is fun! and it really makes them nice and thick which is amazinggg. I hate putting on too much mascara so this method is way better!


lol I think its the whole like looking up thing and our bangs XD but yeah i was like omg!

Kay well I guess I'll talk about some life things :) 
In 2 weeks school will be over and I'm going to Thailand! We are going for 3 months~ Such a long time haha. But I'm excited to see my family and I feel like I haven't been in forever even though its only been like what, a year?  My mom has been there like this whole year and she also keeps telling me about how good the shopping is now cause she's finding a lot of stuff haha. She's like yeah I wanna take you to this mall and this mall! I'm really looking forward to that ;P Shoppingggg~~!

I think we are also going to go to Korea this year since Japan's condition is not good :/ I wish there was some way to help them even more, but I guess all we can do is pray and hope for their recovery (and give money of course :O ) but yeah every year we used to go to Japan just to hang out a little but my mom says she is afraid this year and we should go to South Korea instead. I've always wanted to go! Also my friend is there right now on a study abroad program so maybe she can show us around and help us out since I know no Korean LOL (and I doubt the random shoutings I know from dramas will help :P)

Yeah so that's basically it. Thanks to anyone if you read this :)


  1. wow looks like you're the sister rui on the photo in any case you have succeeded in your inspiration

  2. Blonde is so perfect on you <3

  3. @LovelyKimi Awh thanks! I didn't actually use her as inspiration but when it came out like that i was like omg similar!

    @Emy Aw thanks~~ I really like it I'm glad you think so! My mom hate it though :(