Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair and school? hahaha

Oh yeahhhh lets start off with.. outfit pic! Hahaha i always forget to do them but here is this one XD Its plainnn but I only had 1 hour to wear it before changing into my uniform for work T_T;

On another note, I've been wearing my hair short lately because i just loooove the way Okarie's is short and blonde and I'm still obsessing over her LOL. Here is the typical look I do with short hair..

As you can see, not that interesting bahaha. Just curled it and whatnot with my straightener. Its starting to grow on me which is good because putting in extensions every morning can get so tiring~ And I'm lazy!  

Speaking of lazy.. I don't want to go to class!! And its Japanese which is my favorite so thats weird >_< what hope do I have of going to other classes if I don't even want to go to my favorite one lol. I also just signed up for my classes for next year :O I'm taking Biology 1, Bio-psychology, Japanese intermediate 1, Shakespeare for nonmajors, and Ethics in medicine. I don't know if I'm going to stick with all of these classes but i really need to pick up my game if I want to graduate on time >_<  I really am just sooo frickin' lazy though! Hahaha they need to invent something for that xD

Mmkay well i'm out. Peace! :)  


  1. Wow can I first just say you have such a perfect tan! Not too dark and not too light *jealous

    You should totally wear that outfit to work hehe you'll be too cute ♥

  2. Awh thanks! I really dont like my tan though I wish I was lighter... oh well ^^; And yeah I wish I could! But we have to wear ugly uniforms boo :(

    You are also my first comment too thanks! I'm so happy~~ *~*