Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Talking about brands :O

So last weekend my mom and I went to a Coach outlet factory store thing and bought some bags~ This is the one that I got! It was cute and pink and so of course I just HAD to get it! Coach is like my favorite like "affordable" brand, according to my mom (because god knows if she didn't buy me this stuff there'd be no way I could afford it LOL) but yeah.  They have really cute designs and I like how the bags I have of theirs can like go with multiple outfits- like they're unique but simple enough to match with anything.

I know that in a lot of fashion its all about brand (especially in Japan o.o).  But aren't things that aren't even brand good too? Like you can find an equally as cute a bag from a random store that isn't brand, but then if something is brand its regarded as like "better" or whatever.  I didn't think this was true like among this age but I guess the more I think about it, it kinda is :/ I don't mean to be a hypocrite here because I still love brand things but isn't it okay to mix and match? Lol like for my mom she prefers to have everything brand like purse, shoes, clothes, etc. It just seems like too much for me. We also just watched a vid in class where they were interviewing a Japanese girl on the street and she spent like 300$ on a Chanel scarf and 600$ on her bag and whatnot. How the hell do people afford these things?? x_x; I make like... 500 a month at work and its barely enough for my normal lifestyle, without buying such expensive things haha. Then again I don't work full time but still! I don't know I just don't think that is for me lol.

Okaaay enough talking I guess XD Man I wish I had more pictures! But anyways here's an outfit :)

Kay thanks bye! :)

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