Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Now I Remember Why I Have This Blog

...Because it's not like anyone else but me reads it, I'M JUST SO BORED WHEN I COME TO THAILAND. I'm pretty sure about 90% of my posts in here are written when I'm stuck in this country, bored out of my mind because all I get to do it follow my parents around while they do things and I'm just bored.

Well I'm bored when we aren't shopping. Or eating. So it's half and half really.

I've been here for a little over a week and I'll be here for one more week before I go to Japan. So overall, I'll be away from home for a month. Japan will be awesome because I'm travelling around to see my friends and I'm just super super mega excited! :D

Anyways, what I've been up to in Thailand is just mostly eating and shopping, so this post will be about that. Yes that's all I do with my life when I'm not in school or at work. Eat and shop.

Sooooooo.. As usual... This was my outfit today!

Yes very sad little mirror pictures because I don't really have a camera anymore. Or the patience to take good pictures. Ha.

The coordinate looks like this without me: (which makes it seem cuter, yes I know xD)

(Pink polka dot skirt- shop in Thailand, Pearl beaded necklace- Forever 21)

(Small pouch purse- Forever 21)

IT'S NOTHING SPECIAL. Because I've given up on looking good. I've started wearing less accessories and when I finally get around to buying some I wear the same ones with literally every outfit. You'll see when I post another coordinate here. 

Besides clothes, I usually splurge on getting all deco-ed out with phone cases and nails. So here is a phone case that I recently had made for me. It cost about 20$USD so really not too bad for a customized case. The little doll reminded me of well, me, so I put it on there :D 

I also bought some more phone cases that were like under 10$USD. So cheap ugh I just wanted to buy everything. Not having an iPhone sucks because there aren't BILLIONS of phone cases to choose from anymore! So I had to settle for buying 3.... 

As for my nails, I didn't go full out deco on them like I usually do, mostly because I want to save some money to buy stuff in Japan but also because I don't think I could wear them anymore without being annoyed. Well I probably could put up with it for how cute they are usually so mostly because I don't want to be broke in Japan xD I did however use gel instead of acrylic so the polish will last long without being too bulky on my fingers!

Just polka dots, nothing complicated.



So some serious time. Being away really makes me go crazy sometimes because I'm left alone with just my thoughts and it is kind of a double-edged sword, so to speak. Its nice because I'm never alone back home and I'm always running around doing something, and being able to enjoy myself and rediscover who I am and what I like is amazing. BUT of course, I'm also really emotional, attached, and cant handle change so it also makes me a little mental. I miss my friends, colorado air, and being able to drive around and go wherever I want to. I seriously had a mental breakdown because I was so homesick. Why cant I just enjoy lifeeeee. But fuck it. I'm just going to brush my hair and not think about the world.

So with that I will leave with a picture of my face and my pretty newly cut hair.

Ahhhaaaaaaa I look like I'm trying to smile like Tsubasa Masuwaka. With the lips thing.

 ... Or not. She's so cute I can't even. THERE'S NO USE COMPARING UGH.


Goodnight. Saki out.

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