Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello, Internet.

Hello internet. It's been a little while. 

To say the least, my life has been really hectic but I'm finding that I need something else to do besides school and work. When I do get free time, it seems like all I do is lay around in pajamas, Tumble, and listen to sappy love songs and mope around... hahaha.

So then I got to thinking, what did I used to do to occupy my time when I was younger? The things that I could think of were things like writing music, playing guitar, makeup, etc. All the things that I don't really keep up with anymore. Then I remembered this little blog. Which brought me here. Tada!

I gave up on this blog because I was getting really upset that no one was reading it anymore, and I went from getting a bunch of views and comments to like nothing... which in turn, really discouraged me from writing in here. But then I thought about it and it's like, why do I even care? I started out writing in here just because I'm not creative enough to express myself through music anymore, and honestly it really helps me get my mind focused on myself and what I like. So who cares if no one reads it right? Right!

Right now I feel like my life is going up and down and up and down. I'm constantly moving and running a life long marathon. In the past month I quit my job of 3 and a half years and am working almost full time at my other job, which has proven to be more stressful than I ever wanted to be. But on the bright side, I only have one more semester before I graduate from uni! Yaaay go me!

So pretty much through this hectic time that I've been having, I've been dressing like a 5 year old homeless person, just because my go-to outfits always consist of big sweaters, paired with either a tutu type skirt or a pleated school girl looking one. No heels, no makeup, just crazy old me. But then my life changed after I went to see Selena Gomez in concert. Say whaat??

Yeah okay I know this sounds stupid but honestly I went to see her with a few friends, not even really a fan but when I saw her on that stage she just looked sooo pretty and it blew me away. I looked down at the plain old dress that I was wearing and was immediately inspired to pick myself back up and try and look nice again. Easier said than done however!

I honestly couldn't even put eyelashes on straight anymore at this point. What had my life come to.

So in case anyone wanted proof, here is why I'm obsessed with her right now.

She's so pretty I can't handle it!!! I want to be like her someday haha. Which is sad because she is younger than me but you know what who cares right?

Anyway, so now its time for the final reveal. What do I look like now?! Drum roll....

Surprise! I look exactly the freakin' same as I did before haha.

Except there are more filters on my photos because if I didn't have them, I would look terrible. 

Anyways, that's all I have for now but I have so many ideas for posts that are coming up! First off, I have an extremely impressive (well at least I think so) dress collection that I really want to share and I ordered some new contacts that I want to do a review of. So yeah! I' should be writing again here shortly and getting my life more together!

Bye for now :)


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