Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pink hair!

I decided to dye my hair pink... lol.

The story behind this? I went to an anime convention this past weekend and my friend and I planned on cosplaying Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny from Pokemon. BUT being my lazy, procrastinating, broke-ass self, I couldn't pull my costume together that well in time... which means that I totally couldn't buy a wig for my Nurse Joy costume. SO I just decided to dye my hair pink again! This time I tried doing all of my hair but still some blonde parts refused to turn pink :/ but its okay! I kind of like it, its like a pink/blonde gradient. Like melted ice cream! I super miss my blonde hair but I'm also enjoying this pink :)

Since I failed at making a cosplay, I just did "Deco Nurse Joy" ... I know lol a creative cop out really xD

So I met these two girls at the J-fashion show on Sunday and it was super fun! They came up to me and was like "omg you're so cute" and I was like "omg no YOU'RE cute!" And it was awesome. I love it when people come up to me and tell me that they've seen me around or on the internet and think that I'm cute haha. Is that bad? It makes me feel better about myself.... lol. Anyway, shout out to Jamie and Sarah for being super cool and cute :)
I wore my Liz Lisa dress that I bought in Japan a few years back and paired it will a belt that I just got at some random shop in Thailand. Since I had no idea what to put in my hair I used the belt thing that actually went with the dress and tied it in a bow in my hair... lol. Then I wore some wedges that I bought at Flag J and a purse from Rose Fan Fan. All items bought in Shibuya109! Sorry that I don't have pictures of my coordinate :/ I super fail!

PLUS bonus, I bought an Alpaca. Yeaaaah :D

My roommate said "this is you if you were an alpaca" ...TRUE.

Alright I think that's it! Hope everyone had a fun weekend ^^

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