Friday, November 24, 2017

Sweet Bear Coordinate (OOTD Feat. Liz Lisa & Bobon21)

Hello everyone! 

Today I thought I would share with you this set of photos I took a while back with this cute coordinate! I feel like even though I posted a lot of these pictures on Instagram already, I thought it would be nice to show you them in high quality and talk about the outfits as well per usual!

Dress - Shoes - Bag - Socks: Liz Lisa | Jacket: Bobon21 | Sunglasses: BP

When I look at this outfit I think "going back to school" meets kawaii adult... whatever that means haha. The first thing that I wanted to mention was this really cute Liz Lisa backpack. I wanted it immediately after I saw it- I love the big bow detail on the top of the bag! Its such a cute added extra detail and it makes the bag so unique. I also love the embroidered Eiffel Tower on it, but then again for some reason I am OBSESSED with any french motifs (especially the Eiffel Tower) on clothing!

If you look closely, I accidentally buttoned the straps on each shoe differently! One is crisscrossed and one is just straight. Oh well! I just love all the small details on every Liz Lisa item. Take these socks for example- the lace is just so detailed and perfect and not to mention there is a huge bow with a tiny rose on the side of the socks! Thats one of my favorite things about Liz Lisa clothing- the more you look the more you'll find something in the print or pattern that you missed before! On this dress there are little teddy bears wearing princess crowns and I just die on the inside whenever I see it- its just TOO adorable.

I initially thought with my hair, accessories, dress and jacket that my whole coordinate would be too pink, but I actually think it worked out really well! I like how there is darker pink in my bag, shoes and hair, but then my main pieces are more of a white/light pink. I think the two shades of pink compliment each other really well and that its not too overpowering! Although I am biased since I LOVE pink and can't get enough...

Thats all I have for now for this post! All of the Liz Lisa items featured here are from the current 2017 Autumn collection and ON SALE! If you want to check out these items please follow my links! 

If you want to check out my review and collection of the Liz Lisa Autumn 2017 items I have, please check out my two videos I have on youtube! You can click here to go to my YouTube and watch :)

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  1. I love how ultra-feminine, pretty and girly the Liz Lisa fashions are! That Liz Lisa Ribbon Bear Jumper Skirt is beautiful, and you look adorable wearing it - so pretty!
    P.S.: I just watched and LOVE your YouTube video ♡ HOW I STYLE LIZ LISA WITH NORMAL CLOTHES | Wear Liz Lisa with Forever 21 and More! | xsakisaki ♡ - Love! :D