Monday, December 4, 2017

Chic meets kawaii (OOTD)

Hello everyone! ♡

I wanted to talk about my current style and a few things I've been loving for winter. I feel like an entirely different person (in terms of fashion) when it comes to winter. When the weather starts getting colder, I think of pearls, gold jewelry, warm beautiful jackets, and just pure glam. Looking back on my Instagram feed (@xsakisaki) I've noticed that over the past several years I've always felt this way about winter. Maybe it's because when I think of winter fashion, I picture the beautiful women in the 1950s in New York with their glamorous coats and leather handbags walking through snowy streets. Not to say this this style is anywhere near that, but I do feel a bit more "glam" and less "kawaii" like my normal style nowadays. I am still experimenting and playing around with mixing more cute and kawaii fashion by wearing the Japanese brands that I love such as Liz Lisa or Ank Rouge, with more high street, or luxury pieces to satisfy my need for glam while still staying true to my style.

Jacket - Dress: Liz Lisa | Bag: Saint Laurent | Shoes: Chinese Laundry | Watch: Olivia Burton

With that in mind, I tried to pick out the more versatile pieces that I have in my Liz Lisa collection that aren't overly cutesy. I settled on this knit sweater dress that I got last year and paired it with this Liz Lisa moto jacket from this year's autumn collection. I think that sweater dresses are super cute and on the more mature side, just because you can dress them up and look really posh. The floral details add a bit of cuteness to the design in my opinion so this was definitely the right choice for the look that I was going for! The jacket for me was a no brainer since firstly, I've been wearing it non stop ever since I received it and secondly, I love the gold zips and the gold details all around the jacket. I think gold is a really glamorous and beautiful color and much prefer it over silver. The gold also matches on my watch and on the chain of this beautiful Saint Laurent purse.

Sad to say, I bought this purse from Saint Laurent a couple weeks ago and soon after returned it. In pictures it looks like this beautiful blush pink color with a striking white trim, however, I was disappointed in the way that it looked in person. I love muted blush pinks for winter but this purse ultimately did not capture my heart (and if I'm spending that much money on something, I want to be 100% in love with it). That being said, I do love the design and looking at these pictures now makes me miss this little thing, so we will see what happens in the future...

The last part of my outfit are these AMAZING boots. I went to Macy's at the start of their Black Friday just to have a look around and came across these gorgeous boots. I have had my eye on a couple of pairs of boots for the winter and of course I've been lusting after ones such as the Stuart Weitzman ones, so after a hard and long 5 minute internal debate with myself I decided to get these over the knee boots from Chinese Laundry. I've always heard of this brand but have never bought anything from them before. The things I like about these boots is that they are super form fitting and flattering. I tried on a few pairs that were either too baggy or too short but I felt like these ones were the perfect height. Originally I wanted to get light grey boots but after seeing this tan/beige/nude color I thought that this would suit my style a lot better! I am still looking out for grey ones but these will satisfy me for the time being!

I hope you liked this look and enjoyed hearing a little bit of ins ight to my winter fashion sense! Let me know if you like this look and especially how you feel about it compared to my normal "super kawaii" looks!

Thank you for reading! 

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