Thursday, October 19, 2017

Princess Off Duty (OOTD +Inspiration)

Hello everyone!  

Today I thought I would talk a little bit about this unique look I put together a few weeks ago that I am extremely happy about. I describe it as a "princess off duty" look mainly because of the "nightwear-esque" look of the slip dress and the shoes. It makes me feel like I am a glamorous princess who was about to go to bed, but decided she needed to hit the town for a few hours before heading off to dreamland. This look was heavily inspired by instagrammer @shiiperooo who is a staff member of Swankiss in Shibuya 109, as well as different aspects of the sub styles larme, fairy-kei and harajuku fashion in general. 

Blouse: Ank Rouge | Slip: Ank Rouge | Skirt: Honey Cinnamon | Shoes: Honey Cinnamon | Bag: Liz Lisa 

The reason I wanted to write this blog post was to share my inspiration behind how I decided on the pieces for this look, as well as share some tips on how to draw inspiration from other people without exactly copying them. As I previously mentioned, this look was inspired by @shiiperooo on Instagram. I have seen her pictures so pop up so many times on my instagram feed, and I am always fascinated by her girly and unique looks. Although she does work for the brand Swankiss, she also mixes quite a few brands together when creating her looks (such as Liz Lisa). 

(Photo credit @shiiperooo on IG)

This was the photo that I took the most inspiration from. The main piece on shiiperooo's outfit is the suspender skirt from Swankiss which was sold out by the time I went looking for it. However, instead of trying to find the exact piece second hand I decided to browse through different brands that might carry something similar. This lead me to find this beautiful slip dress from Ank Rouge. Even though the overall piece was completely different, I felt that the underlying concept was the same- a sheer tulle-type material that can be layered over a dress or a skirt-top combo. 

After I found this slip dress, I began playing around with different combinations of dresses, skirts and tops to see what would go well underneath the slip. I don't have many tops, but I definitely knew that I wanted to use one of my short sleeves ones, since the sleeves of the slip were shorter than 3/4 length and wearing a long sleeve shirt would be out of the question. I decided on this Ank Rouge top that I wear quite frequently, along with this semi form fitting skirt from Honey Cinnamon. I love how the ruffles on the skirt compliment and tie in the ruffles from the slip dress so that is why I chose this skirt. 

When it came down to deciding what to wear on my feet, I knew hands down that I wanted to wear this beautiful furry pair from Honey Cinnamon with the cute bows on the side. Again, this shoe choice was also inspired by shiperoo when I saw this picture on her Instagram. Her pair were from Swankiss, but I had previously bought these shoes from Honey Cinnamon which looked really similar so I decided to use mine for this look. 

(photo credit @shiiperooo on IG)

There was really no reason in particular I chose to pair this Liz Lisa bag with my outfit, other than the fact that I was absolutely IN LOVE with this purse and thought that it went with everything, so I decided that even though there were already a lot of pinks going on in this coordinate, the pink from this Liz Lisa bag went really well with the lighter pinks of the look. I also decided to add this Ank Rouge pom charm to the front of the bag as well to tie in the furry-ness of the shoes. 

By combining different aspects of shiiperooo's outfits and adding my own choices, I think that I successfully drew inspiration from her look without copying it 100%. I believe that it is natural to want to copy your favorite fashion influences, but at the same time I also believe in putting my own twists to my coordinates. Generally when I am looking to get inspiration (especially if its a style I don't normally wear, aka if it is not a Liz Lisa outfit), I will usually look at pictures of the outfits I like, and then find similar pieces in my wardrobe. For example, if I didn't happen to find the Ank Rouge slip dress I would probably find a long tulle skirt to wear with one of my Ank Rouge tops. There are so many places to buy items that can be used in J-fashion, you don't always have to shop from Japanese brands!

I am thinking I will do a post or a video showing different items you can buy at stores like Forever 21, H&M, etc that can be used in J-fashion- I wonder if that would be interesting? Please let me know if you would be interested!

That's all for this post- I hope you enjoyed seeing more pictures of this outfit and where I got my inspiration from!

Thanks for reading 




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