Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pink and White Paradise (Feat. Liz Lisa)

Hello everyone! 

I took these photos a few weeks ago and I really wanted to put them here on my blog but I wasn't sure what I would write about to go with these pictures. After going back and forth on it I decided to just do a post similar to my last, where I talked about how I styled this outfit and talked about my thought process a little. 

Top - Skirt - Shoes - Bag: Liz Lisa | Sunglasses: BP | Socks: no brand

I am wearing thew new Liz Lisa Cameo Rose original print skirt and blouse from their Autumn 2017 collection, as well as the Heart Balloon series bag and shoes. I don't always buy or wear the matching top and skirts because I think it is really fun to mix and match tops and bottoms, but I am just in LOVE with the lace detail of this blouse and the cameo ribbon that came with it. These items were part of my first Liz Lisa eBay purchase from a while back and I am so happy that I was able to get these items (read here).

This shade of pink makes me feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I LOVE the darker hue and I think it is perfect for autumn. Although my favorite shade of pink will always be the lighter pastel color, this darker one definitely comes in a close second. I feel like Liz Lisa did this intentionally but not only does the Heart Balloon shoes and bag go really well with the set that it was originally intended to go with, but it does SO well with this Cameo Rose set as well. The pinks match perfectly and I think that these accessories will compliment many pink autumn outfits this year. This makes me happy because although I think bordeux and dark is a beautiful color, I much prefer to wear pink all year round. 

I've talked about this oversized bow before on my Instagram but I think that everyone who loves wearing bows in their hair MUST go get one of these now! Even though it is abnormally large and a little over the top, I think that it is such a perfect accessory to match any outfit and adds such a nice touch to the half up half down look. It's so easy to throw on and takes my hair to the next level!

These shoes are really cute and I am really happy that I got them. They remind me a lot of last years organza heart pumps in pink (here) which I am DYING to get my hands on, but in the mean time I will just enjoy having these. The one difference that make me not like these shoes as much is that they moved the bow from the middle to the front. Having the bows in the front makes me imagine that there is a nose on the front of the shoe and personifies the shoes in a way that I don't care for! But other than that I love the lace details and the hearts all over the pumps and I think that I will be wearing these a lot!

The last thing that I wanted to talk about was this bag. This bag is EVERYTHING. I love the color of the faux suede but more than that, I LOVE the color of the faux leather on the lining and straps. I think that it is a perfect almost dark bubblegum pink color and it really matches with everything that I own! The pink seems to compliment even lighter pink outfits (such as the light pink heart balloon skirt that in the same set). It is a also a 3 way bag which means it can be styled as a back pack as well so I am really excited to try it out!

I guess this ended up being a mini review on these new items as well as kind of how I put the outfit together so I hope you enjoyed reading about them! I'm not sure if this post is necessarily "useful" but I'm really glad I was able to share these photos from this amazing photoshoot! A special thanks to my friend Andrew for taking these for me.

Thank you for reading! 




  1. The location is so pretty. The cameo stuff is so cute - glad you got the skirt and the blouse and you like them so much. It's nice the balloon stuff goes with it well too!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so happy with the skirt and blouse even thought I did really want the dress as well. Yeah I'm so happy I can't wear them interchangeably! They all work together so well :) Thanks for reading!