Friday, August 25, 2017

Review: Eggie

Hello everyone! ♡

Today I have a special review I wanted to do and that is on a blouse that I bought from the new brand called Eggie! Eggie was started by YouTuber Jenn Im (clothesencounters) whom I absolutely LOVE and she just released her first line in this brand a few days ago! Jenn says that she named the brand Eggie because 애기 in korean means baby and she's always been the baby in her family (source). How CUTE and clever is that name? I've been following Jenn for a while and I really wanted to support her in some way so as soon as the collection released, I ordered this beautiful blouse!

If you want to see my order and also a small review, please keep reading!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello everyone! ♡ 

Today I wanted to so a review on the website called! Devilinspired sells very cute and fun Japanese style clothing. I was fortunate enough to receive an item from them and I chose a beautiful skirt from their "casual wear" collection. is will known for carrying Lolita fashion items but they have recently added a new section that contains more casual but still extremely cute fashion items that can be great additions to a Japanese fashion wardrobe!

If you would like to see what I got and my review of, please keep reading!

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Haul and Review: Tokyo Kawaii Life and Shibuya 109 Order and Tenso Review

Hello everyone! ♡ 

I am back with another haul! I hope these aren't getting too boring but this time I would like to switch it up by also including some coordinates and also by adding some try on pictures of the items I bought! This time I only ordered from Tokyo Kawaii Life and Shibuya 109, so instead of using a shopping service I just used Tenso as a shipping service and ordered everything online myself.

I will also be adding a little review on my experience with Tenso because by now I have had quite a few experiences with them! I didn't too an in depth one like the other services because I think Tenso is the most well known so there are already so many online! If you want to see my haul and also see my try on pictures, please keep reading!

EDIT: My youtube video is now live if you wanna check it out! It goes with this blog post! Here a link to it if you wanna watch!