Friday, August 25, 2017

Review: Eggie

Hello everyone! ♡

Today I have a special review I wanted to do and that is on a blouse that I bought from the new brand called Eggie! Eggie was started by YouTuber Jenn Im (clothesencounters) whom I absolutely LOVE and she just released her first line in this brand a few days ago! Jenn says that she named the brand Eggie because 애기 in korean means baby and she's always been the baby in her family (source). How CUTE and clever is that name? I've been following Jenn for a while and I really wanted to support her in some way so as soon as the collection released, I ordered this beautiful blouse!

If you want to see my order and also a small review, please keep reading!

(disclaimer: NOT sponsored)

When I first watched Jenn's video of her introduction to Eggie, I couldn't help but feel so happy for her because you can tell how proud she was of everything that she created. Eggie seems to have a lot of urban influences and I think the pieces that she chose for this collection really reflect her individual style. That being said, it is TOTALLY different from my normal style, but I still loved seeing all the amazing things that she was able to create!

I ended up choosing this beautiful white sheer blouse to purchase because I thought that it would fit really nicely into my wardrobe. I am currently experimenting with my style and trying out new things, so I thought this blouse would definitely be a great addition! I love lace and frills and this top defiantly had a lot of that going on! The top is called the Ruff Haus Blouse and it retails for $52.00 USD.  (link to website)

(images taken from

I placed my order on Tuesday August 22nd and it arrived to me via FedEx on Thursday August 24th!  I'm an impatient baby so I chose the two day shipping option but I had some money in my PayPal account from a sell earlier in the week so I thought I'd just use the money from that to pay for the extra shipping cost! I'm so glad I did it because I was SO eager to wear it.

The package arrived in its own custom bag! (sorry for the crappy photo I was in a rush to open it lol)

And I was SO pleasantly surprised to see the contents inside! Everything was individually wrapped in its own plastic resealable bag with the Eggie logo on it. In addition to that there was also a free black beret and a set of stickers on a sheet! I just felt so happy to see that she added additional things to make the package and purchase more enjoyable, and I really appreciate the details! Even the receipt came in its own separate custom bag!

I ordered a size XS and it fits me perfectly. The material is so nice and soft and I felt really comfortable wearing this blouse! It is defiantly sheer though, so I decided to wear it with a camisole underneath. I do not own any bandos or strapless bras, but I think wearing one of these two might be better if you're okay with showing you stomach a little because the straps are a little distracting when they are shown through the blouse.

I paired it two ways, each time with a Forever 21 skirt but I think that with a little time I can coord this top in different ways! My favorite details are definitely the lace ruffle bit on the top collar and the elegant bell sleeves! I also think that this blouse would look really elegant tucked into a pencil skirt to be dressed up, but it can also be dressed down by pairing it with shorts!

Blouse: Eggie | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Liz Lisa 

A close up of the beautiful detail on the sleeves! 

(Please excuse my awkward photos! The wind was so unbearable it was hard to take decent pictures!)
Blouse: Eggie | Skirt: Forever 21 |  Shoes: Forever21 | Socks: No brand | Bag: Ted Baker 

Overall I think that the quality of this blouse is AMAZING and I really love this style! I am so excited to experiment with it and wear it with different things!

If you want to check out Eggie's website I've linked it several times but you can find them at and on Instagram at @eggieshop. The blouse can be found on the website here!

I hope you enjoyed this mini review! Thank you so much for reading!

Saki ♡


  1. I love this sleeve shape but I feel like I can never get it out of the way when I'm trying to wash my hands hahaha.

    1. lol yeah its impossible! i also cant wear it to work for the same reason it like dips into everything -_-