Wednesday, August 23, 2017


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Today I wanted to so a review on the website called! Devilinspired sells very cute and fun Japanese style clothing. I was fortunate enough to receive an item from them and I chose a beautiful skirt from their "casual wear" collection. is will known for carrying Lolita fashion items but they have recently added a new section that contains more casual but still extremely cute fashion items that can be great additions to a Japanese fashion wardrobe!

If you would like to see what I got and my review of, please keep reading!

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If you want to see me unbox this skirt please go to my youtube channel by clicking the link here!

So emailed me a few weeks ago asking if I would like to receive one of their products to review and of course I said yes! I have heard about and seen their clothes around in the lolita community and have watched Cathy Cat unbox a few items from them on her youtube channel, so I was pretty familiar with the style of clothes that they carry. However when they reached out to me they said that they wanted to start promoting their "Kawaii Daily Wear" section of their shop instead of their lolita branch, so I got to choose an item from that collection!

I ended up choosing this "Sweet Pink Skirt" (link). I chose this skirt because I wanted to pick something that I could wear in a few different ways. As you know I am a huge fan of pink so I knew I would have something in my wardrobe that would go really well with it!

(picture taken from

Immediately when I opened the package I was surprised by the material. It is a light chiffon type material and has a few layers to give it poof. I was expecting it to be like the stiffer cotton material that maybe Bodyline clothes are made out of sometimes, but it was totally different! I think this is great because sometimes with clothing from these types of online stores, the material can be quite cheap. Here are my pictures of my skirt (sorry if you see some dog hair, once anything comes into the house it is immediately impossible to remove all of the hair T_T;;)

The lighting was really bad but the skirt color is closer to the first two pictures than the detailed shots. The pink color is more of a purple toned pink instead of a peachy or orange pink! The bow is also detachable and can be placed anywhere on the skirt (or maybe on your head as a hair piece!)

This skirt retails on their website for $33.50 and comes in a S and M size. I got the S size but there is a zipper and also shirring on the back of the skirt so I think that just the one size can fir a variety of sizes! The best part about this skirt is also that there is a pocket! I just love skirts or anything with pockets since its so rare on bottoms other than pants/shorts! Its a decent size pocket and could fit my keys and a smaller phone (I have an iPhone 7 plus which I struggle to fit inside handbags sometimes so it wouldn't fit -_-;)

I coordinated it with a collar blouse from Penderie, off brand lace socks and shoes from TaoBao and think that this combination is really sweet an reminds me of really casual lolita! I would even suggest wearing a short petticoat underneath to give it more floof!  

Overall for the price point and the quality I would recommend this skirt, and I would really like to try out some of their dresses or lolita pieces for myself!

I hope you found this mini-review helpful! If you would like to buy one here is the link again - and you can also use my code "xsa" for 11% off!

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  1. The skirt is so cute! I love the sweet pattern on the skirt.

  2. Ooh what a pretty skirt ^^ When I have money again, I might order from there c:

    1. They've got so many cute things! I'm sure you'll find something you'll love! 💕