Saturday, August 5, 2017

Haul and Review: Tokyo Kawaii Life and Shibuya 109 Order and Tenso Review

Hello everyone! ♡ 

I am back with another haul! I hope these aren't getting too boring but this time I would like to switch it up by also including some coordinates and also by adding some try on pictures of the items I bought! This time I only ordered from Tokyo Kawaii Life and Shibuya 109, so instead of using a shopping service I just used Tenso as a shipping service and ordered everything online myself.

I will also be adding a little review on my experience with Tenso because by now I have had quite a few experiences with them! I didn't too an in depth one like the other services because I think Tenso is the most well known so there are already so many online! If you want to see my haul and also see my try on pictures, please keep reading!

EDIT: My youtube video is now live if you wanna check it out! It goes with this blog post! Here a link to it if you wanna watch! 

So this week I have decided to stop rating the items as an anonymous user on Ask.FM informed me that the ratings are not helpful! I understand this as the things I buy are usually second hand, there is no point in rating each individual item as you are not able to purchase the exact item from the same seller as me. I think rating the condition of new items is also pointless as they are always in perfect condition because they are new! So this week I will just let you know how I like the items, what I'm thinking of coordinating them with, and why I bought it. All the coordinates from this post will also be for autumn even if some of the items I think will work with coordinates for other seasons! Since these items were all purchased brand new I will link them all too if this post convinces you to buy it!

PLEASE let me know on here or on Ask.FM, Instagram, or anywhere else if you have more feedback for me! I always read and respond to comments and questions and really appreciate every one!

Back to the haul..

This haul is kind of large because I placed my first order on Tokyo Kawaii Life (TKL) on July 7th 2017. I then ordered from Shibuya 109  on July 13th , and then again on July 17th, and in between this I placed another TKL order on July 15th. So in total i placed 4 separate orders from July 7th to July 17th. I shipped all my orders to my Tenso dress and waited for them to all arrive before shipping them together. As usual I chose to use EMS for shipping and my order shipped on July 24th and arrived to me July 26th (SO FAST), so in total from my first order to my doorstep it took 19 days

Here are the items I bought! I will start with the TKL items and then move on to the Shibuya 109 items!

Autumn 2017 Vintage Rose Dress in Bordeaux (link)

The first 4 items are all from the Autumn 2017 collection! At first I wasn't going to order any of the Vintage Rose prints but I ended up ordering three things from this print (LOL oops). I first purchased it in bordeaux because I knew I wanted to have this piece in my autumn wardrobe. I have been continuously gathering bordeaux pieces in preparation for autumn and this one is so beautiful
l I couldn't pass it up! Here are two coordinates with this dress that I am planning for autumn.

Autumn 2017 Vintage Rose Dress in White (link)

So at first I didn't want to buy this dress especially because I already bought it in bordeaux, but when I started seeing the staff pictures on IG with it on I immediately fell in love with the soft pink colors of the roses against the white background and decided I HAD to have it. The reason I was so hesitant at first is also because the design of this dress reminded me of the parasol dress which I already owned. The frill on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress are exactly the same, which makes the overall design of the dress similar. 

(both pictures taken from Tokyo Kawaii Life 1 2)

BUT nevertheless I bought it anyway because I have no self control. However I did up selling the parasol dress in white that I had in order to pay for the new dress since I liked the new one better so I was proud of myself! I think this dress is so versatile because I can see myself wearing it for all seasons. The colors are soft enough that they will match all my winter, spring, and summer items, and there is just enough red tones in the flowers to match a lot of my autumn items!

Autumn 2017 Vintage Rose Skirt in Pink (link)

I think its hilarious how I thought I wasn't going to buy anything in this collection and then I bought three items! But I absolutely LOVED this print after looking at it closely and wanted the pink version too! However I thought it would be WAY to excessive to own all three dresses in different colors so I decided to by the skirt instead in the pink color way (although if the pink dress goes on sale I will probably get it too lol). I think this dress is less autumn-y and more suitable for spring/summer but I think I could make it work for autumn as well! Here are some outfits that I think work well for late summer/autumn.

Autumn 2017 Quilted Pearl 2-way Purse in Pink (link)

I am SO in love with this purse! I absolutely adore the pearl details and the lace on the bow, and I think that this purse is perfect for autumn! Because of the deep pink color, I can see myself only using this purse for autumn and winter, but I don't mind because if you follow me on IG you will know that I probably have around 50 purses and they are mostly all for spring/summer so I am glad I will finally have another purse for autumn and winter! Here's a coord that I did a few days ago! 

Summer 2017 Bow Jumperskirt with Belt in Pink  (link)

I am pretty sure this jumper skirt released in late summer! When I first saw it I didn't think too much of it- I thought it was cute but I didn't need to have it. However, it went on sale pretty quickly and sweet Amby-chan on IG messaged me saying that she bought it and she also thinks that I would like it as well! After reading her message I went on TKL to look at the listing and finally looked at all the detailed pictures and fell in love with it! This jumper skirt is a solid color so it didn't catch my eye at first since I am usually drawn to patterned prints, but once I looked at all the details such as the little bow on the belt, the bow on the back, the lace trim, etc, I fell in love! And it was on sale whoo-hoo! I love this muted pink color because I think it works for both spring and autumn, so I knew I would be wearing it in my upcoming autumn coordinates. 

Now to move on to all my Shibuya 109 items!

Liz Lisa thigh high boots (link)

UM for some reason these boots were still on the Shibuya 109 site and they are 50% off !!!! WHAT? This seriously blew my mind because these boots are SO cute and I think they will go with all of my autumn clothes! The only thing I am concerned about is that they are super high on me and the dresses and skirt from this years autumn collection are a bit longer, so they might not go well together but I can definitely make some cute autumn coords with them! This are also my second pair of long Liz Lisa boots and they are a different color than my other ones, so thats why i chose it in the darker color! 

Ank Rouge cat dress in pink (link)

OMG this cat dress is literally my favorite! This one is  new from the 2017 autumn collection and I bought it immediately after I saw it! At first I was considering getting the black version just because the cats stood out more on the dress, but then I decided it was probably better that it is more subtle ^_^;  

I was able to take some pictures outdoors with this dress already and I am so happy with it!

Ank Rouge black lace top (link)

I bought this top for larme coordinates but I haven't been able to properly do any yet! I still need a few more items that have more black on them to go with it T_T I have some black shoes but I will need to go get them! I am so obsessed with coordinating pink and black together so I am really excited for my future outfits! So here is what I have for now.

Ank Rouge cream and black lace top (link)

This top is yet another top I bought in preparation for larme coords! After doing this post I realize I have so many tops for larme and hardly any bottoms! I guess I'll have to think about that in my next haul ^_^; Here is the top with the same coord as the black one!

Thats all of my items! I hope you liked my coordinates! On to the mini Tenso review!

Tenso Shipping Service Mini-Review

I have used Tenso a number of times now and I think that they are pretty good! I have heard of people having issues with them but I have never had any issues before. I will not get into their fees because you can easily read about them on their website. For those of you who don't know, Tenso is a shipping service- how it works is that when you are buying things from sites such as Tokyo Kawaii Life, instead of putting your own address when you are checking out, you will put your Tenso address (which is similar to a PO Box in the US) and it will ship there. Once it arrives Tenso will ship it to you wherever you live! The reason this is necessary is because most Japanese shopping sites will not ship overseas.

I would like to mention that one time, I forgot to put in my TS number when filling out my Tenso address at checkout on the website when I was ordering something (which is like your PO box number and how they identify your packages)- I was freaking out because I thought that my order wouldn't reach the warehouse! But I emailed Tenso customer service and they were able to identify my package by matching my name since I did put my full name on the order, and that process only took one extra day to complete! So I would say the customer service is pretty good.

If you would like details on how to order Liz Lisa through Tenso, i would recommend that you check out emiiichan's blogpost about it as that's how I learned! 

I promise next post I will do something other than a haul ^_^; I've just ordered so many items I would like to blog about every shipment! Please let me know if you like this style post better than the other one! I really appreciate all comments and suggestions.

Until next time~

Saki ♡ 


  1. It's great to see the coordinates! Not to contradict the other person(?) who gave you the suggestions or maybe add too much feedback but I think it's kind of good to see the item by itself too - in ADDITION to the coordinates >,<.
    Ofc, (I know this too well) no one will ever agree on what content they like to see on a blog. But I definitely love seeing worn pictures so if you only choose to do one or the other I'll definitely take the worn photos. Maybe just the stock photo next to your own photos tho? So it's easier to compare and contrast between what's shown online and what it's like irl if that makes any sense? Sorry if this is too much!

    1. lol I realized I never responded to this. But I took your advice and started adding stock and worn photos to my posts!

  2. Love the LL boots - and you got them for 50% off? Uhhh... that's so good!! I love the colour and they're definitely a must have!

    1. Yes exactly! I can't believe they were 50% off even after almost a year!

  3. Ooh, I'm so jealous >< The Autumn collection is so pretty, especially with the bordeaux ~ Ahh the boots too, they're so perfect for autumn ^^

  4. All of these dresses are gorgeous! I love the white dress with the pink floral print. I especially love the ruffles and ultra-feminine design of the skirt and dresses. The pink skirt is pretty and I also love the black top with the puffy short sleeves and lace detail. I love both of your YouTube videos and (of course) subscribed to your YouTube (xsakisaki's) channel. The ruffly white top you were wearing in your video "JULY FAVORITES 2017 | Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge | xsakisaki - YouTube".
    I'm having a little trouble trying to decide which outfit I love the most - (they're all so beautiful) - maybe the Autumn 2017 Vintage Rose Skirt in Pink :D

  5. Oops - I wrote an incomplete sentence in my last comment. I meant to write that I LOVE the look of the ruffly white top you were wearing in your video! :D

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for supporting my YouTube channel it means a lot to me! The skirt is definitely one of my favorites but I agree it's so hard to choose! 😭💕

  6. pretty dress!! I've bought a lot from Lis Lisa too, love them <3
    i will recommend you cheaper forwarding service Transbang if you buy a lot just like me, you can save more because their service fee is cheaper~~

    First, they decided to RANDOMLY CHANGE the Customs declaration I SPECIFICALLY AND EXPRESSLY provided without even telling me beforehand - I found out by the Customs of my country ITSELF what they did -, which made my parcel be rejected by them and returned. I was needing it urgently and I paid much more to have it shipped via EMS, totally in vain. They did absolutely nothing about that and just preferred to stop answering my messages.
    They use the AWFULEST system I’ve ever seen, HORRIBLY translated to English, CONFUSING AND TOTALLY INCONVENIENT, PURPOSELY SO YOU MAKE MORE MISTAKES AND THEY CAN GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU. Because they sent a WRONG payment request, I was obliged to pay AN EXTRA REPACKING FEE and they didn’t do anything about that either.
    To top it off, I had to pay a fee for ADDITIONAL REINFORCEMENT which is an optional service that I didn’t request. After several messages and spending much of my energy and time INSISTING I DIDN’T REQUEST IT and they basically saying I was LYING, they then told me that it was another "mistake" and that yes, I was telling the truth?!
    I’ve used Tenso JAPAN, Jp Deliver, MANY mail forwarders in the U.S. and in Europe for MANY years and never faced such dishonest behavior from any of them.
    Be aware: they’ll try to get as much as money as possible from you! They’ll lie and say you requested services you didn’t and will then ignore your messages! DON’T USE THEIR SERVICES!