Monday, July 18, 2011

Nails! and some new products~

Here's something new, I'm not saving the best for last! It's first this time ^^ Here are my new nails this time~

I got the painting (color and flowers) done at a nail salon, but I put the deco items myself! Hehe I think I'm going to say the big bow on the middle nail is like my signature now, because I LOVE having a bow on that nail lol :)

Recently, I bought this new eyelash from Daiso just to try out because well, Daiso is sorta cheap and I just wanted to see what the quality was like! Surprisingly, I even saw Popteen (or maybe it was Egg) using Daiso brand eyelashes haha.

 Yeah overall, I give this a 3/5 because I mean, its usable, but I don't think I would recommend it unless you super needed eyelashes. Like I did. LOL another reason why I bought this was because I ruined the ones I was using and I didn't have any more! We aren't going to go to the place were I usually get them for a few days so just had to buy something for the meantime haha.

I also bought this eyelash glue from the department store. Its called Lash Meister its a Japanese brand. I really like the glue, it holds well but I don't like colored eyelash glue. I prefer them to be invisible because I mess up so much :/ Anyways, so its like a dip jar like this:
And you apply the glue onto your eyelid like you would a liquid eyeliner. And then you put the eyelashes on top and voila! But I don't know I find this process very messy, and I would rather just put the glue on the eyelash first xD

Next thing is a lip liner from Gino McCray that I bought from Beauty Buffet. I've been really wanting a lip liner for a while to try out that fuller lips look that I've seen so many YouTube beauty gurus doing! I bought an orange shade to go with the lipstick I normally wear.

So the result of all of that? Here it is!

 Do I look any different? LOL idk. So anyways some more shots cause well.. yeah  :P

On a side note, I think I can pull of "cute" way better than "sexy" xD But I want to do both :(

Thanks for reading!

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