Friday, July 15, 2011

Yay for BIG eyes :D

So I used different lashes when doing my makeup today. I'm not sure what this is inspired by... maybe just onee-gyaru style in general? Its a little more black then how I usually do my makeup I think. What do you think?

I just bought these bottom lashes, and ugh I hate this brand, but they are really cheap so I bought them... plus I ran out of bottom lashes and was desperate hahaha. But on the bright side, now I know that I like these type of bottom lashes! I'll be on the lookout for similar ones.

Now on to some face shots. I kind of hated the way I looked today though I'm not sure why! Normally I would be all over taking pictures but I only took a few and they pretty much all look the same :/ I like how they made my eyes look like freakishly big though! Especially in the last picture (the phone one)

I really think this would go better with long hair, just because all of the sexy models out there have long hair! Onee-gyaru style is really suited with those gorgeous long locks. I should have put my extensions in but oh well :(

Another shot with a crappy phone cam! I like these pictures better though bahahaha crappy quality pics=instant photoshop! :P And look, see?? Don't my eyes look bigger in this one? LOL

Also, yay! I bought some new necklaces. I really wanted the ones with the long chains that almost go down to the belt area and these were perfect! I got them both at Forever21 here in Thailand- the first one was about 7$USD and the second was on sale for about 3$USD.

I don't have a picture of me with them on but they are about this length on me:

The other day, my mom and I tried out a new restaurant/cafe called Caffe Pascucci. It's Italian hehe. I don't really eat Italian often, but this place was pretty good. It had the most delicious looking espresso drinks!! I didn't know what to pick! So I ended up getting this caramel one.
 Looks good, right?? :D It was delicious!

For main course we had this pesto penne thing and a tuna salad (yeah don't know how um Italian that salad was but oh well!) lol. Yummmm~

Also, I went to Bangkok on May 8th and saw BEAST/B2ST!!

lol yeah JKJK I only saw the poster because their concert was on the 9th and I couldn't stay in Bangkok :( Oh well... hahaha I'm not really passionate about seeing anyone unless its TVXQ. (Yes and by TVXQ i mean any of the 5 of them :D)

...I feel like my blog has gotten really boring lately haha. I don't have the energy to go shopping as much lately! Boo what's wrong with me? :( So, please enjoy some pretty pictures of gals~

(taken from various Tumblrs)

AH i want to get better at makeup and lose weight so I can look half as good as these gals!! -must get better must get better must get better must get better!!!- GRRR okay i'm going to work extra hard!! 

As always, thanks for reading :)

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