Monday, June 6, 2011

Another haul, and style talk! (WARNING long and image heavy!)

Since all I've been doing is shopping.. here's yet ANOTHER shopping haul.. LOL.  Without further ado, here they are!

First is my favorite! Its this really cute floral peachy/pink and white dress. It is pretty short, going above my knees by like 2 inches or so. I love this because of the cute flowers, frilly design and of course, the bow! This was about 13$.

This is another jacket/cardigan type thing. About 6$! Its got cute pink studs and bows which gives it like a mixture of edge/cute! :)

This is a mid length pink cardigan that I got for about 9$. Its got lace up and down where the two sides meet and it's absolutely adorable! 

This denim looking jacket is AMAZING and since denim is in, I just HAD to have it! It pretty much goes with both the cute girly style and a more adult or edgy style. This was about 6$ :P

This top was about 15$ and sooo cute. Its pretty long too, and really really cute with shorts. I love that the little floral vest-like part just gives it a nice pop of color and i love the vest look!

This dress was about 6$. Its lace and a nice light pink color :)

I didn't buy this belt, but my mom had it! So of course I took it… LOL. Its so cute to wear around the waist (or hips, it stretches!). And it's pink and white so of course I was like 'MINE!' hahaha

And of course, I have a terrible weakness for bows so here are 2 more that I bought for my hair :)

Also I'm trying to find cheap lashes that I really like and found these ones at the mall. I'm not sure where anyone could get them besides here… (maybe internet?) so I'm not sure how helpful a review would be to anyone, but I'll give some of my thoughts quickly anyways. 

This first one is from LaLawish, which I've never heard of, but eh! It was really cheap- two pars for about 2 or 3$, so I decided to try. I wore the first pair once already and didn't like it that much. It was very plastic-y and hard so they didn't feel natural or comfortable at all :/

The next one is Gino McCray ProLash, which I bought from Beauty Buffet (which I think is pretty popular here in Thailand). Its very comfortable and I LOVE the style of the lashes. The only thing is that I've only worn them like twice and I don't think I'll be able to wear them again. They were also normal priced, about 3 or 4$ so it wasn't like a deal or anything :( But still, good, comfortable lashes!

And the last one is Preciosa EyeLash Rose, which I haven't tried yet LOL. its got Korean writing on it though so I'm going to assume its from Korea :P They don't look like they'll be all that comfortable, but it was only like 1.50$ or something like that so I decided I'd give them a try anyways :)

Wow so my post doesn't even end here. I also wanted to talk about a more adult looking style because for some reason I've been freaking out about getting older, even though I'm only 19! (but rounded, that is 20!!) I've also been reading a lot of ViVi, Ray and this month's issue of Scawaii happened to feature a more adult look style. 

I really like this, but I'm afraid to wear it, lol. It feels like I'm giving up my cuteness and childhood! But nevertheless, I still wanted to try so here is what I look like with an older style?

Definitely feel like I've dressed down, but I like the look. If only I were sexy though... LOL. I also think I huge part of this look is not to have bangs. It makes you look like... older and sexier haha. But I seriously NEED my bangs! My forehead is so gross -.-

 Seriously though. I'm going to spam you with some sexy gyaru pics now ;)

Kay thats it.. (LOL after that long-ass post). Thanks to anyone that reads!! Please comment as well :)

Thanks again!

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