Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes, I did more shopping...

WARNING mega super long image heavy post xD (note to self: YOU SHOP TOO MUCH)

But anyways, onwards! I've been buying a lot of eyelashes lately.. too much if you ask me. But when I see them I can't help but buying! LOL here is how bad its gotten xD
Yeahhh.. I don't think i'll post the individual pics even though I took them, because that'll make this post even longer. Some of the brands I bought were BSC, Mei Linda, Hollywood Eyelash, and Fashion Eyelash by Trendy (just to name a few). Currently, my favorite ones are the Korean ones that I posted a pic of last time, which I found out are copies of Canmake eyelashes from Japan haha. But they are amazing! And for bottom lashes I wear these ones:
For clothing, I bought a skirt, a floral top, a denim vest and white shorts. I love denim right now! So the vest is my favorite. 
Also bought cute shades!!
Next.. which is the main thing.. is makeup! I've been on a makeup craze for the past few days. The first products are from Canmake. I bought a lip concealer, Nudy lipcgloss and the Melty Nude Lipstick.  I haven't tried the lip concealer yet, but I love the lipstick :)  Its a nice change of color from my natural lips and from the lipstick I usually wear! The lipgloss is also a nice, nude color which I like but when I wear both the lipstick and gloss together it looks horrible! Its all flakey and you can see the cracks in my lips, ect. I recommend both, but not worn together haha.
This one is a lip balm phone charm that I thought was adorable, and it was endorsed by Tsubasa Masuwaka so I just bought it haha. Its not Candy Doll or Dolly Wink though :O even though the packaging looks like it. Well anyways I like it :) I wear it with the Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick to moisturize.
I finally bought a BB cream to try and its the BSC one. Its pretty good and i swear it makes my skin glow! It was on sale and the packaging was pink LOL (thats probably the reason why i bought it haha)
These are Cathy body creams that I read about in Popteen Thailand. They are supposed to be super whitening/brightening so I thought I'd give it a try! They both were about 10$ each (after a 30% discount) so we'll see how it goes. I tried some on in the store though and really loved it! Hopefully it will be the same once I give it a try and home haha. Straight from Korea this stuff! LOL (the advertising technique for all Thai sales people- because we all want products from korea lmfao)
And last, but not least, for makeup, I bought this palate from Majolica Majorca! Oh so famous in Popteen now, so I had to try some for myself haha. I love it! The colors blend together so well. I think I'm going to go get another one too actually :O
Okay now for some pics of me haha. If you haven't noticed, I'm using my mom's camera which is super amazing and clear so hopefully my pictures will be a little better quality.  Here are some shots for the past few days! 
In these I'm wearing the canmake lipstick :)

And my outfit from shopping in Bangkok saturday~
LOL So as a bonus, I went to Japanese bookstores in Bangkok and bought a TON of magazines. I managed to get Egg, Popteen, Ranzuki and Seventeen.  And then i went to Mari-J and bought an old version of Scawaii and ViVi :)
PLUS the Seventeen mag came with this cute little Liz Lisa tote!!! I LOVE IT :D

And LOL here is my magazine collection before this bangkok trip too, making a total of 21 magazines that I've bought so far. Hehe 
On Saturday, my and my friend Gam went to take purikura and just hang out!
And then for dinner went to all you can eat sushi buffet hehe here is my first plate~

Kaay thats about it for my haul! Thanks for reading guys :)

OH and as a bonus, here is my deco secret! Earrings are really cheap here (3 pairs for about 1.50$) and I buy really cute ones and clip off the metal in the back and use them as decoration parts! Hehe here are some that I got this time~

Alright for real thats it :) Sorry about the long ass post!

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