Friday, June 3, 2011

Shopping haul! And updates!

So for the past few days I've been shopping like nonstop (but whats new about that? LOL) But anyways I wanted to post a few things that I've bought!

These pink shoes are absolutely ADORABLE. Right away when I saw them I had to buy them.. lol.

This is probably my favorite so far! I found this shop in Bangkok that sells imported Japanese stuff and fell in love with this Liz Lisa top! I've already worn it twice since I bought it.. LOL It's just so cute and i LOVE Liz Lisa! It was also a LOT cheaper than prices online :) (partly do to my beastly bargaining skills too.. LOL)

Some J-Mags translated to Thai :) Which I still cannot read hahhaa. But looking through the pictures is so fun! I've already bought about 10 mags haha.

This skirt is adorable! I got it for about 6$ and I just love the pattern.

Headband with a cute bow :)

Haul from this shop called NaRaYa. It sells handmade items that are SUPER cute and SUPER cheap! When I went the shop was like filled with Japanese and Korean people that kept excitedly exclaiming how cheap everything was hahaha. Which it really really was! I'll talk about some of the prices for each item too :) I'm only gonna share some of my favorites because as you can tell I bought a lot.. :P

This thing is a travelling pouch thing! It was so cute I had to buy it. On one side you put your passport and and tickets or anything like luggage claim or whatever, and on the other side it is long enough to put your boarding pass! I just had to buy this because I am always travelling and thought this would be super handy and the design was sooo cute! This cost about 4-5$!

THIS makeup bag was so freaking adorable I had to buy it. Its brown with teddy bears and pink dots and on the top it has cute pink bows! I've been looking for a new makeup bag and I knew this was it! This cost about 5 or 6 dollars I think.

A random pouch.. I don't know what to put in it yet but I thought the pattern was so cute I had to buy it haha. To be honest I don't remember how much this cost...

This is a cute little messenger bag that I got! I really really love the color and the pattern is cute as well. I don't usually ever use messenger bags, but this one was so freaking cute I couldn't pass it up! This was about 7$!!

Kay so thats it for hauling... I think I'll gradually post more items that I buy in the future! I also bought some other clothes but I sent them to be cleaned and they're still not back yet :/ but I can't wait to share them! Stay tuned :P

So aside from shopping, I've had lots of free time and have been looking non stop at magazines, especially Popteen. I LOVE Mizukitty. She is soooo freaking cute! So I decided I'd try to do my makeup like hers, what do you guys think? I'll post both pics of me and Mizuki.

First Mizuki..

Then me!

Her smile is so cute and infectious! But yeah.. thats it for my Mizuki inspired look. How did I do? Here is also a close up of the makeup since my camera sucks.

Yep! So thats it~ OH WAIT I have new nails that I will share as well!

Sorry about the lighting... Its hard to tell, but there are snowflakes... LOL Because like a crazy person, I chose a really cute winter design to wear in the summer xD But yeah they are super awesome and cute I love it!

Kay yeah its been a rather long post, so thanks for reading! :)

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