Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long time long time..

So it has been a pretty long while since I made a post, part of the reason being that I was travelling and part because I'm so lazy!! But lazy no more! (at least for this moment)

First some pictures of what I have bought in Thailand. Sadly, only a few things but I haven't been in the shopping mood lately... GASP! I know, world coming to an end right? I ALWAYS feel like shopping!

CUTE hand bag- white satin(ish) feel.

Pink/Magenta makeup bag

Fabric quilt design notebook

Wallet (to match the purse!)

Newly deco-ed ipod case!

Now, pics from today and outfit!

Eh-hem, excuse my messy desk, LOL. But yeah, I went crazy with the hair curling today (you can blame popteen!!) I was reading a popteen mag all night and looking at beautiful, bouncy curls and wanted them for myself! Hahaha

Speaking of which, there is now a Popteen Thailand!! YESSS don't have to go all the way to Japan for my favorite mag now, whoohoo! Its pretty new though, I think there are only 2 editions so far. They feature both Japanese models along with some new Thai ones. Here are what the covers look like!

Yay so cute I love them and I am so happy with them! They keep the same good ol' format of the Japanese Popteen but with a little twist. Even giving some stores of where to shop to get some cute stuff! (YESSSS!!)

Kay thats it,  but as a bonus, here are my current nails! Well this pic was taken a week or two ago but this is what they look like!

Cute right?? 4 hours in the nail salon lmfao but so worth it! :)

Kay thanks for reading! Peace :)

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