Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work and Finals- Hell Week!!

I just feel like complaining today! So I had a 7 hour shift at work today and it is the beginning of finals week :( I think it's so unfair how we have to work still during this week especially since my exams are close together and I don't have time to be working! I need to study!! -_- Yeah it's just been making me pretty grumpy. I have 2 finals tomorrow and 2 on Wednesday which I guess isn't bad but I also have to find time to study for them >< I'm such a procrastinator though I guess I deserve this lol. Haha and I was so bored and freaking out about finals that I was even sneaking in notecards and studying lmao. So nerdy!

Yeah so that's all I wanted to talk about. If any of you also have finals coming up, good luck! Hope everyone does well~ ^^

Thanks for reading my boring complaining post! :)

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