Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Haul and Review: Liz Lisa Official eBay Shop

Hello everyone! ♡ 

I have an exciting review and mini haul that I wanted to share with you today. I just bought from the NEW Liz Lisa official eBay shop and I couldn't be happier with my experience and purchase! I was so excited when they announced that they were opening an eBay shop where you can buy clothes directly from Liz Lisa. eBay is such a familiar platform for me so I was really excited and confident while making this purchase when them.

If you want to see what I got and my review of their eBay shop, please read on!

I will start off with the items that I bought from the store. I bought a total of 4 items and they were all from the new Autumn collection. My pictures are of the items in natural lighting so you can compare what the items look like to the stock photos! They might look a little unattractive but I wanted to be able to show you the true colors.

1. Liz Lisa Velour Ribbon Organza Top in pink (link)

The only thing that I noticed is that the color is different from the stock photo. This is probably due to the lighting in which the professional stock photos were taken. I am actually not too thrilled on the color looking at it with my eyes, but I like the way it looks in photos. I know its complicated I just can't figure out how I feel! Overall the material and quality is very nice so if you are thinking about purchasing it and aren't as weird about colors as me then I would definitely recommend it!

2. Liz Lisa Velour Ribbon Organza Sukapan in pink (link)
I have the same thoughts about this sukapan as I do the top. The design is very cute though and I lobe the little ribbon details on the bottom.

3. Liz Lisa Cameo Blouse in pink (link)
This blouse will go with everything! I am so happy I found it on here as it was already sold out on Tokyo Kawaii Life. The bow is also detachable so you don't have to wear it if you don't want to. The top is so amazing I love the lace detail around the collar it is a beautiful detail. I also love that the button in the back is a snap! It makes it so much easier to get the top on and off by yourself!

4. Liz Lisa Cameo Sukapan in pink (link)
This sukapan is super cute! It definitely looks exactly like the picture and the quality is amazing. The only thing that I wanted to mention is that it does fit like their other newer skirts so it is a bit loose around the waist. If you have any of their newer items from 2016 or 2017 you will know what I mean. You can check out the measurements on the listings as they have measurements for every item.

All of my items arrived together in one package. Everything was individually wrapped as usual!
Overall I am very happy with my items although I was not expecting anything less from Liz Lisa. I don't really have much more to say about the specific items I bought so now I will move on to the review of the eBay shop.

Liz Lisa eBay Store Review

The first thing I would like to talk about it how easy it was to shop on the Liz Lisa eBay site.  If you have ever used eBay before, you would know the layout and the steps in order to buy items from there so I was super happy with the familiarity. You don't need to use a translator or currency converter and you know exactly what you're getting and how much you're paying for. I added all 4 items to my cart before purchasing and they all shipped in one package. I used Paypal as my paying method and was able to use my Visa credit card through Paypal to pay for the items.

I would like to compare a few things I noticed on my eBay purchase, so I will compare them to a Tenso purchase that I made from Tokyo Kawaii Life using the Tenso shipping service since a lot of people might be familiar with this service. The comparison that I am about to do is based solely on my one experience purchasing on Liz Lisa's eBay shop and this one experience from Tokyo Kawaii Life/Tenso. The reason I am doing it this way is because both packages were pretty comparable in size, weight and time.

One thing that is super obviously different on the eBay shop than from TKL is that the prices (for me at least as I reside in the US) is that the prices were now in US Dollars instead of Japanese Yen.  I will just use one item to compare the differences between prices.

I bought the Velour Ribbon Organza top from eBay for $64.41USD. On TKL the top is listed for 6,912 Japanese Yen. If we do the math, they are using a conversion rate of 107.31 JPY to USD. On google (as of 9/10/17) the conversion rate is 109.34 JPY to USD. Even though there is a slight discrepancy I don't think that the difference in price is enough to call this a "con" because the exchange rate at my bank isn't usually very good anyway, and plus my credit card charges a foreign transaction fee every time I use it on TKL.

I am pretty happy with this price and VERY happy that I don't have to pay any foreign transaction fees and I am happy I get to use PayPal for my purchases from their eBay store. If you're like me and like to sell your used clothes, you'll know the feeling of having Paypal money and being able to use it on purchases because its like you're getting a huge discount when you can pay for something half in Paypal money and half with real money!

I also saved money on shipping compared to using Tenso! Please read on to the next section to learn more.

This is what makes me the most happy about the eBay store. My package automatically shipped EMS from Japan which I usually do anyways, and it was $9 USD per item, which came to a total of $36 for the 4 items. Compared to my last Tenso order, I paid $59.77 for 5 clothing items which comes to about $11.95 per item (also shipped through EMS). Even though it is just about a $3 difference it still makes a huge impact when paying for expensive international shipping. I am not sure why but I am guessing maybe Tenso calculates true to the weight and since the eBay store just lists every item as $9 flat rate for shipping, the differences might be from there? Either way I am so happy that shipping didn't cost me as much as it does on Tenso.

As for shipping time and time I had to wait, I was absolutely blown away by how fast my package came. I ordered from the eBay store the night of September 3rd. I then got the notification that my package had shipped on September 5th. My package arrived to my door on September 9th- this means it only took a total of 6 days for my package to arrive from the moment I ordered it. How crazy is that??

I will compare to my Tenso order because I had also ordered it on the same day. I ordered from Tokyo Kawaii life on September 3rd. I got the notification that it arrived to my Tenso address on September 6th. Tenso then shipped my order to me on September 8th, and it is scheduled to arrive to me on September 12th. This is a total of 9 days.  As I am writing this post I haven't even received my package yet but hopefully it arrives tomorrow as scheduled and if not, I will definitely update this post!

But overall, there is a 3 day difference from the order on eBay and Tokyo Kawaii Life. And like I said previously I used EMS shipping for both orders. 3 days might not seem like very long but when you're waiting for a package it makes a WORLD of difference! I think this is because it takes Tenso an extra day or two to check your packages and then get them ready to ship internationally.

Overall Experience- 
I cannot say enough how happy I am with this experience with the Liz Lisa eBay store. Besides the differences between price and shipping time, I would like to point out a few more pros and talk about a few cons.

- My purchase included the Cameo Rose Blouse in pink which was sold out on TKL at the time I bought it and I bought the last one on eBay. This makes me think that they have a separate stock for the eBay items so although it was out of stock on TKL I was still able to buy it!
-THEY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. What else do I need to say? Its so awesome not having to use a shopping or shipping service and you can buy directly from Liz Lisa. They don't have every country at the moment but I think I heard from Emilie @emilizlisa that they are still working on adding new countries so if yours isn't listed now it might be later!

-They don't have all the items listed on their eBay as they do on Tokyo Kawaii Life. When I was purchasing there were a few things from the new autumn collection and then a few things from their end of summer sale, but there were definitely not as many items to choose from compared to buying from TKL. However, every time I check the eBay store there are more items so this might change in the future! This is the only con that I could think of...

IN CONCLUSION I've said it so many times in this post already but I am so happy that they opened an eBay store and I had such a great experience! With the great prices, cheaper shipping costs and faster shipping time, I would definitely recommend it over buying things from Tokyo Kawaii Life if they have the items that you want in stock! I also wanted to mention again that I live in the US so this experience might not be the same for everybody!

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Thank you for reading



  1. Tenso's shipping fees includes their service fee in addition to the actual shipping cost. I think that's where a lot of the difference comes in.

    1. That makes sense! I forgot about service fees. Either way it's awesome that the eBay store is cheaper

  2. Did you get hit by customs fees?

    1. Nope! But I've never had to pay customs before