Sunday, April 27, 2014


My first entry back is going to be about one of my current obsessions.... TATTOOS!

Why? Because I've been thinking about them a lot and more importantly, getting them very frequently lately and there are just some things that need to be said about tattoos.

I get some because they have a special meaning to me, but a lot just because I just really like the way they look! Most of my friends and family are always like, "don't you think you're going to regret getting so many??" and really, all I think is that I love my body and what I've chosen to do to it and I don't think that will ever change. (PLUS if  do regret some of them there are people who do really nice cover ups, and laser removal has gotten really good nowadays haha).

I think that tattoos can be a sort of accessory, just ones that you can't take off. Even when I'm naked, I feel not so naked and its a really cool feeling! Every person who has tattoos is unique in their own way and why not support that? My mom always tells me, well what about when you have kids? What will you tell them about your tattoos? And I really don't understand this question because what is there to tell them anyways? Its just that some people have different skin than others, and mine has art on it. It is just because people are quick to judge that tattoos have still not lost their stigma, and its sad that people can be so harshly judged by just having some ink on their skin. I have to cover all of mine at work because my boss (aka my mother) thinks that I look like a delinquent or whatever, which I can understand but it still makes me sad to cover them up. I've heard of people who have jobs such as nursing and fire fighting who have to cover all of their tattoos so that none are even remotely visible, which really makes me sad because these are the people that children call "heroes" and are really good people, yet they have to cover what is on their bodies because society says that it makes them look bad? I get it, but it really makes me sad.

I love who I am and what I've put on my body!

Well that's it for my ramblings... and of course here are pictures of what I have so far ^^

Quote from Harry Potter: "death is but the next great adventure" said by Dumbledore in the first book when he and Harry are talking about Nicholas Flamel's sacrifice of eternal life.
Along with the deathly hallows symbol and some roses... cause I like roses

A skull and some pink roses on the inside of my forearm. Just cause I love the colors and the contrast with the skull.. I don't know I just wanted it!

This was my second tattoo ever that I got when I was 19! Its a crown ring and again I just really wanted it for some reason haha. Who knows.

Another TVXQ tattoo.. it's a lyric from 明日は来るから and it can be roughly translated to "no matter how dark the night is, tomorrow will definitely come" or something like that haha. I just love this song and I want so many TVXQ related tattoos. 

I got this most recently and it's on the inside of my right wrist. Honestly I don't know why I just really wanted a new one that day and its of a cute pink cherry blossom with a petal floating down. 

Another lyric! This is a shortened lyric of "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver (and most recently re-released by Birdy). This is one of my favorite songs of all time and it really helped me go through an emotional time in my life and there are some birds below it.. just because. Birds are cool I guess. 

This one is one my favorite tattoos because it went through a total long process to look this way. At first it only had 3 red flowers, and then it turned into the mess on the lefthand corner, and than I added some dark brown color and branches and I think it looks so much better this way! I wish that I had a clearer picture but unfortunately I've been too lazy to take a good one. It used to look like this!
Which I loved! But then I added more flowers and it looked like a catastrophic mess so then I got it redone and I love it again!

And lastly, the bow and the stars. The hello kitty bow was my very first tattoo and it wasn't colored in when I first got it, but then I went back later and added the red and the stars. The stars are the little stars on the corner of the pages of the Harry Potter books, because I love those books so much.

And yep that's it! Although knowing my addiction there are plenty more to come... I just need to come up with more money. :(

Okay thanks bye!

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