Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Purikura On The Go!

So since I've been doing absolutely nothing at home, I decided to check out some apps for my iPhone! And I have found two MUST haves for the purikura fans! If you don't know, purikura in Japan are sticker pictures that you can take in a photobooth, and they are fancy machines that look like this:

(image from google search)

I have seen these booths in malls and they are absolutely FUN. You take pictures with your friends and decorate them! Cool right? Well I'm sure 99% of you know what purikura pictures are so I'm going to stop, but here is what the pictures out of the machine look like.

 There used to be a store with the machines where I live, but then it closed down T~~T SO I've had to find alternatives! I've already reviewed an app called the Princess Camera in this post HERE but I have two more apps that I think are absolutely PERFECT and wonderful that everyone with an iPhone and loves decorating pics should get :P

The first one is called Girls Camera and the second one is called Rakuga-Cute (楽画cute). I'm going to review Girls Camera first because it's my favorite!

This app is free so keep that in mind!

Okay so basically the app starts off with you can take a picture right then or you can choose to decorate a photo that you've already taken. I've chosen to do the latter. The main menu screen looks like this: 

Then after you've chosen your picture, you decorate it just like you would in the purikura machine! There are stamps, pens, frames and backgrounds that you can use to decorate your picture as cute as you want to ^^ here are some screen caps to show you how awesome it is.

AWESOME RIGHT? And here are a few pictures that I have decorated with this app :) 

What do you think? Isn't is so cute? And its completely FREE! Yes so go download it now iPhone lovers :)

The second app is Rakuga-Cute (楽画cute) and it's basically the same thing, but I had to pay $3.99 USD to unlock the decorations and pens. The actual app is free, but they only give you a few stamps and a few pen colors, etc. I really wanted to see the other things so I sucked it up and paid the 4 bucks to get more!

Its the same concept, where you either choose a pic or take one there and here is the menu screen:

What I love about this app in particular is that it looks like the program in the purikura machines! Like the font, the layout and the style. I'm just a sucker for presentation so because it's presented so well, I just love love it.  Here are some more screen caps that I took for y'all :)

As you can see its basically the same, but look at the layout! If you've been in a purikura machine, doesn't it look exactly the same?? I'm so happy with it and this is definitely an app I would recommend. Here is some pictures that I decorated:

Lol okay ignore my face in those I look horrible, but basically the decorating is so much fun with this app :P

Thats all I have, hope you guys enjoy checking those apps out! Download them if you have an iPhone ^^

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello hello in summer reds!

What is the cutest print of the summer? Floral! I just love love floral print clothing and its what I've been rockin' all summer. I bought this shirt from Love Culture on sale for $3 USD. Isn't that a steal?! I love the pink and orange flowers blending together to great a perfect balance. Its bright and colorful which is perfect for summer! Its also a high rise so that I stay nice and cool in the heat :) Here's a preview of everything today!

To go along with my summer look I also decided to try out this new Victoria's Secret eyeshadow palette that I bought at the semi annual sale. It was about $10 USD when I got it and its so pretty. Its got a lot of vibrant colors along with some darker colors so that you can blend the two together. Its also SUPER pigmented like seriously, a little goes a long way. I love the quality and the packaging is also super cute. Win!

For this look I used the top two colors on the right (the deep red and the brown) to create this blend of colors that goes perfect with my shirt! I'm not very daring so I'm too afraid to use bright colors, but that's why I love this red so much its only like a tint. You can see it, but from far away it doesn't look so vibrant and gaudy.  

Here's a list of all the makeup I used for my look (and its seriously just copied and pasted from my earlier blog post because well, I use the same face makeup everyday! The only thing thats really different are the eyes and lips ^^; I starred the ones that are key!)

-KMA foundation powder
-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit
-Bare Minerals bronzing mineral powder
-Sheercover Duo Concealer

** -Spring Shimmer Eye Kit by Victoria's Secret eyeshadow palette
-Mary Kay mascara
-NYX felt tip pen eyeliner
-Canmake Coloring Eyebrow in Honey Gold
-Dolly Wink eyelashes No.1
-Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses

**-NYX Black Label Matte Lipstick in Diva
And more pictures of my look:

 ... I'm totally pulling a Kotobuki Rui face in that first picture... doesn't she always take her pictures like that?? 

Anyways...Very cutesy style! Yes back to my comfort zone. But hey that doesn't mean I can't try a sexy pose with it too :P

 Yep lol I'm lame I only have one 'sexy' face. It looks like I'm about to cry or something. But anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this! Happy summertime ^^

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Better late than never ^^;

Around this time last year (summertime, that is) I started really writing in this blog. I'm so sad that so far it seems that its been at the back of my mind lately and I haven't really taken the time to write in it. QQ probably no one even cares about or remembers me anymore.

BUT better late than never right?

I just took a trip to California last week and stayed for only 6 days. While I was there though I managed to snag up a few things! Mostly we were at the beach (which I will post pictures of later ^^) but we spent a few days in the city. I went to Little Tokyo! It was so cute and I've been there before but have never bought anything. There are so many makeup stores and stores with cute little Japanese things. I love love loved it!

The first thing I bought was a NYX eyeliner. I've been looking for a good liquid eyeliner ever since I ran out of the Dolly Wink one that I love and unfortunately used up :( I've tried many things from the E.L.F felt pen and liquid liner, Maybelline's Stiletto eyeliner, to NARS' eyeliner, but nothing has satisfied me! And I don't want to shell out 20 bucks for another Dollywink (even though I probably could have bought it for the money that I spent on the others that I've tried LOL). Anyway... I bought this one and I think its pretty good! It was $7.99 USD and its a waterproof, felt tip pen, liquid eyeliner. Its not very waterproof though... not at all actually. And when I take it off the residue is blue! How weird. But other wise it glides on pretty well which is really the winning factor for me. And its thick and doesn't look watery (unlike the Maybelline's stiletto and E.L.F liquid eyeliner). This is the eyeliner:

(omg please ignore the hair on my floor... gross lmfao)

The only other makeup product that I bought was a pair of Dolly Wink eyelashes No. 1. Of course everyone knows what these look like by now hopefully... lol but here they are anyway:

These are my favorite lashes I have ever worn! So soft and long and pretty... I just love them so much even though they are HELLA expensive. I bought these for $14.99 USD which is the cheapest I've ever seen them. Which is still a lot. You get 2 pairs though so thats at least a little better.

I did do a makeup look with these two products so here it is:

(This is like the only HD picture btw lol it was hard to get a good one so the rest are just self cams from my phone heehee)

For the eyes, I used the Naked palette from Urban Decay which is yes, the best eyeshadow palette in the whole entire world lol. The colors I used were Half Baked, Smog, and Darkhorse. I used half baked as the base and on the inner corner of the eyes, then smog on top of that and to blend, then darkhorse for the crease and along the bottom and outer corners.

Here's a closer look!

And here is a list of the other products that I used for my whole look (sorry that I don't have pictures!)

-KMA foundation powder
-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit
-Bare Minerals bronzing mineral powder
-Sheercover Duo Concealer

-Naked by Urban Decay eyeshadow palette
-Mary Kay mascara
-NYX felt tip pen eyeliner
-Canmake Coloring Eyebrow in Honey Gold
-Dolly Wink eyelashes No.1
-Dolly Wink eyelashes No.5
-Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses

-Sephora Matte Lipstick in Matte Cherry Rose
-Sephora Ultra Shine lip gloss in Fresh Peach shimmery

And here are more pictures of the look:

Yes those were my "I'm trying to be sexy faces" hahaha. Now here's a smiley one :)

What do you think of the look? I was inspired by the new Happie Nuts magazine that I bought. Its for September 2012 ^^

I was blown away by how pretty and sexy Sayoko Ozaki looked omg she is so awesome! Here are some pictures of her that I love:

She's so pretty omg *_* I don't know if I can pull off the sexy look in real life though loool I come off as way too cutesy >w<

Okay thats it! I hope someone reads this lol.