Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello hello in summer reds!

What is the cutest print of the summer? Floral! I just love love floral print clothing and its what I've been rockin' all summer. I bought this shirt from Love Culture on sale for $3 USD. Isn't that a steal?! I love the pink and orange flowers blending together to great a perfect balance. Its bright and colorful which is perfect for summer! Its also a high rise so that I stay nice and cool in the heat :) Here's a preview of everything today!

To go along with my summer look I also decided to try out this new Victoria's Secret eyeshadow palette that I bought at the semi annual sale. It was about $10 USD when I got it and its so pretty. Its got a lot of vibrant colors along with some darker colors so that you can blend the two together. Its also SUPER pigmented like seriously, a little goes a long way. I love the quality and the packaging is also super cute. Win!

For this look I used the top two colors on the right (the deep red and the brown) to create this blend of colors that goes perfect with my shirt! I'm not very daring so I'm too afraid to use bright colors, but that's why I love this red so much its only like a tint. You can see it, but from far away it doesn't look so vibrant and gaudy.  

Here's a list of all the makeup I used for my look (and its seriously just copied and pasted from my earlier blog post because well, I use the same face makeup everyday! The only thing thats really different are the eyes and lips ^^; I starred the ones that are key!)

-KMA foundation powder
-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit
-Bare Minerals bronzing mineral powder
-Sheercover Duo Concealer

** -Spring Shimmer Eye Kit by Victoria's Secret eyeshadow palette
-Mary Kay mascara
-NYX felt tip pen eyeliner
-Canmake Coloring Eyebrow in Honey Gold
-Dolly Wink eyelashes No.1
-Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses

**-NYX Black Label Matte Lipstick in Diva
And more pictures of my look:

 ... I'm totally pulling a Kotobuki Rui face in that first picture... doesn't she always take her pictures like that?? 

Anyways...Very cutesy style! Yes back to my comfort zone. But hey that doesn't mean I can't try a sexy pose with it too :P

 Yep lol I'm lame I only have one 'sexy' face. It looks like I'm about to cry or something. But anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this! Happy summertime ^^

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