Monday, August 1, 2011

Park Bom inspired makeup and NEW nails!

 I LOVE 2NE1's new album, especially the 2 recent songs "Hate You" and "Ugly". While watching their comeback I noticed that Bom's makeup was especially pretty! Her eyes are so big and doll like I love looking at them hahaha but I really loved the makeup in this performance. I tried screencapping parts where you can really see it but sorry for the bad quality!

Her double eyelids are like to die for omg *_* okay so then I tried re-creating this look but yeah... not very good at recreating looks. So it turned out like this:

And since I was going off a picture where her face was sad, I had to make a sad face too! LOL idk it still doesn't look like it xD But I like the makeup none the less. More pics:


Yep! Pretty basic. I think I'll try again tomorrow because I loveeee this look so much. And the songs! I can't get them out of my head. 2NE1 has never failed to make an awesome song, I can't even think of one I didn't like *_*

Here's a link to watch the performance in case you were interested!

Okay and next... I went and got my nails done.. AGAIN. lol I know but travelling killed them so I had to go fix them and I just had to get a new design LOL. So here it is!

 No 2 nails are alike!! I love them so much the theme is like Sweets Party with Friends hehe feat. Hello Kitty and My Melody and a bear (which was supposed to be Rilakkuma but she messed up T_T)

 And the cool part, the thumbs! Get it? xSakiサキ (xsakisaki- my username!) hahaha ftw.

Yeah okay pretty small post sorry! Haven't been up to much lately since I got back from Japan :(

Thanks for reading as always!

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