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Japan Part2: Days 4-6 WARNING Image heavy!

Yay! Alright I'm back with part 2 :)

Day 4: July 26, 2011

Today, I took my mom outside of Tokyo to go visit Kamakura, which is about 1 hour south of Tokyo by train. I don't know why I chose this place, but my mom really wanted to see a different city that isn't as big and "city-like" like Tokyo, but in the end, it turned out to be really enjoyable!

Here was the outfit I decided to wear:

Getting there, we got out of the train station and walked through a shopping street called Komachidori. I found that it was a lot like Asakusa in Tokyo if anyone's ever been there. The weather this day was soooo nice! Like no sun but no rain, and there was an amazing cool breeze. Here is what the street was like:
Very nice and calm with some cool Japanese style shops ^^

We stopped to eat some takoyaki at a little shop. It was delicious!

Next, we went to Tsurugoka Hachimangu Shrine, which is the most important shrine in Kamakura says my research xD I learned about a lot of these things in history, surprisingly enough so when I was reading about the shrine a lot of it made sense! lol go school.

So upon arriving at the entrance of the shrine there is a gigantic lotus garden on both sides. It was BEAUTIFUL. I literally wanted to take a picture of every flower because it was so pretty! Here are only a few of the pictures that I took:

There was actually a lot of people there too which surprised me for some reason because I didn't think this was a big tourist attraction. The other parts of the shrine were pretty too! Here are the pics:

After spending half the day in Kamakura, we rode back on the train to walk around Shinjuku station a little bit more. I found a macaroon shop that was SO cute! I've never eaten a macaroon before but they are so cute! I use them in deco, but I've never eaten one! I think it was time so I bought two:

THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS! So sweet and creamy and god I can't believe I've lived my life without having ever eaten one before. That's how good I think they are. The flavor and the cuteness just make them amazing!

Here are some pics of the area around Shinjuku station. The views are amazing!
Yeah I really really love scenes like this. The city makes me so happy *_* LOL so thats why kind of most of the pics I took are just city scapes, but gaah so pretty.

I also happened to find a CD store so of course, I immediately bought Yunho and Changmin's new single- I Don't Know/Superstar:

I also found this really really cute Hello Kitty wallet today for 3000yen and HAD to get it hahaha:

Isn't it adorable?? I love buying wallets because its something you carry around and in my case, use everyday they are so nice LOL. Yeah i'm weird.

Day 5: July 27, 2011

For our last full day in Japan, I decided that I NEEDED to go back to Shibuya and get more stuff, not that I've had time to explore Japan and hey, since it was the last day we no longer needed the yen for anything else, right?! Yep so that means I can go spending it all lmao.

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit, but for some reason I have a picture of me getting ready and in the robe provided by the hotel LOL

Okay but I know I post too many pictures of myself, so here is the best part. This haul makes me so happy :D

First thing is a pair of shorts from Ank Rouge- Popteen's Okarie's awesome brand! Everything in the store was so cute and I knew I just HAD to bring something home. I saw this fell in love!

And here's kinda what it looks like when worn:
Cute right? It was 2,900yen xD So worth the price I think because I love Okarie and Ank Rouge!

Next is a cute purse from Rose Fan Fan. This store was having such a freaking awesome sale omg *_* I got this purse for 1.900yen! Its like lace and denim with a bow, so obviously I couldn't resist. The strap can also be adjusted to be worn as like a messenger bag type style or a purse.

When we were getting a little tired of walking, we went up to SBY to have some frozen yogurt :D YUM my favorite!

Of course, it was absolutely delicious. I also couldn't resist and bought a really cute mirror from here as well.
I love how big it is and omg the pink and the cute bow! This was 980yen.

Okay last thing I bought today was this pair of shoes that I seriously went to Japan intending to buy. I've seen it in Blenda, Happie Nuts and Jelly magazines and totally fell in love with it for some reason. Here are the pics that I found:

In the magazines they said that it could be found at Egoist in Shibuya109 but when I went there they didn't have any :( So I went looking and found them in Flag J, where I bought my other shoes! They were SO much cheaper than the Egoist ones in the magazine too, so that's good for me LOL i got this one for 4,800yen and the ones in the magazine were over 10,000 x_x

That was pretty much the end of that day because we came back to the hotel so freaking tired from shopping all day LOL. But when we were walking, a funny thing happened! So around the busy areas there are always people handing out tissues and stuff right? There were these two young looking guys that were passing some out and like no one was taking them, but they pulled a clever trick on me LOL. I was walking past them and the guy pulls out his phone and it had a W♥C sticker on it and of course it caught my eye! So he took that one second opportunity to shove a magazine and a pack of tissues in my hand LOL so clever xD so i came back with this too:
And if anyone is perverted out there, the magazine was full of ads and stuff, nothing else xD

EDIT!! I forgot to mention, RUI KOTOBUKI was at Shibuya109 this day being interviewed at SBY and I saw a glimpse of her!! She was so cute!! aoifjaosfajsdf 2 of my favorite models in 1 trip? What is this?! I'm so lucky *_*

Day 6: July 28, 2011

My last day in Japan! T__T Didn't do much because we had to leave in the morning.

While waiting to go to the airport I drank this delicious green tea latte that I bought at Family Mart LOL
I love matcha! Its so tasty :D

Also, I went to use the bathroom in the lobby and for any of you who don't know this, toilets are like the shit in Japan LOL. They are so futuristic and awesome. I know, strange right? This toilet had its own like control pad full of stuff LOL so I took a picture:
Like why the heck do you need a toilet to do so much? Hahaha i don't think I will ever understand xD

When we were waiting around at the airport I still had extra yen to spend, so of course I even bought something here xD Look at this cute Hello Kitty blinged pencil I bought!
Now you see why I had to buy it LOL

I also bought some snacks for the plane ride. Matcha candy and Hi-Chew!
YUM my favorites :D

And some onigiri just in case the plane food sucked (which it did!) My two favorites- salmon and mentaiko:

And so my journey to Japan ends :( SO SAD!!! I know i'll be there again next year but i just wish I could stay forever…but then I would be like so freaking broke LOL

Wow okay i think this is the longest post i've ever made, so I really hope someone somewhere enjoys this ^^ Thanks to everyone who reads this! You are all awesome :P

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