Thursday, July 14, 2011

Off the shoulder! And then major rant.

Currently, off the shoulder tops are my favorite! I've always liked them, but after constantly seeing them in recent magazines, I really really love them! 

Here are some scans from Blenda (maybe Jelly too I don't remember haha)

I SUPER super want one of those tops that are like woven and off the shoulder, they are super hot! I love the sheer and how you can see another shirt underneath. Its such a fabulous look :D

And now, it's time for a rant.

So yes, I'm a fan of Kpop and my recent obsession is Hyuna's Bubble Pop. She is super sexy and I just love when Korean artists do the sexy concept, even though it is controversial. I'm going to post the same rant here that I did on Tumblr, because I really get so pissed about this.

I don't get why people are hating on her just because of the clothes she is wearing and the way that she's dancing. Just because she wears those clothes and dances like that,doesn't mean she's a slut or anything. Those are what the stylists put her in and what the choreographer taught her. She has a hella fine body that can pull both the moves and the clothes off- whats wrong with showing it? Its not like she's dancing around on the stage naked for god's sake. She is a talented performer and its just that- a performance. That doesn't mean she's going around sleeping with guys or whatever you associate those clothes with.

I just don't get how people don't understand this. Its just a performance. Just because an actress wears lingerie in a movie, doesn't mean she's a slut right? She's acting. Performing on stage through music is the exact same thing, especially with Asian music. The artists don't choreograph the songs themselves and they don't pick out their own outfits.

Its just a performance, people. Get over it.

What's wrong with a sexy concept anyways? People have been saying "Cube ruined her image" and "I like Hyuna, just not the image" but I don't know what's wrong with it. Its not like she is going on stage naked, like I said. She is sexy in those clothes and she can pull them off.  A concept is just that- a concept. Not real. I feel really inspired when I see people like her because she is so beautiful and she looks so confident in anything that she is wearing. I really admire her.

I don't understand why being sexy is such a taboo in society. What's wrong with sex anyways? Everyone does it, or will eventually- come on thats how babies are made, we need people on this planet, don't we?

Girls have different sides to them. We can be sexy, cute, sweet, scary- anything. And none of this seems wrong to me.  Everyone is different and has a right to express themselves however they want. It pisses me off even more to hear people hating on girls when they are just doing a certain style, which might not even reflect on their personality. I hate using myself as an example, but yes. I wear short skirts, high heels- I like showing skin. I don't even have a good body. BUT I've only had a few boyfriends in my life and I've never slept with any of them (hell, I only even kissed one of them!) Fashion is just fashion, it doesn't have to be a reflection of personality.

I feel like I've done this rant before. Seriously I'm getting like all fueled from this :/ I think I gotta watch something happy to calm myself down!!

Okay well thanks for reading~

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