Sunday, July 3, 2011

Turquoise madness! Then mini rant xP

So it turns out that I not only jumped on the turquoise bandwagon, but I'm becoming a little crazy about it ahaha. Here is my makeup for today! 

Its inspired by this pic of Mana Honda that I posted last time:
Whoohoo! More pics xD
Perfect to go with the pretty jewelry I just bought!

Here also, is my outfit of the day :)
Zoom up!
How I wore the rings:
Full outfit pics:
What do you think? And sorry, the only thing I can tell you about my outfit is that the jacket is Steve Madden. Because the rest is no brand :(

I also went shopping today and got a few things :)
This cute skirt was about 6$USD. Isn't is cuuutee? I haven't been in a skirt mood lately so I'm not sure when I'll get to wear it but I seriously just had to buy it xD

And then some nail polish! I'm going to paint my toes to match my new stuff. LOL. These are fake O.P.I nail polish and it kinda sucks, but it was only like a buck for a bottle so i bought it anyways xD

Next... is more jewelry xD I went with my mom this time and she convinced me to buy like everything. fml! But its pretty so thats okay :)
Necklace made from beads and a seashell. This was about 8$USD. I didn't think I was going to get it but my mom was like no, you HAVE to get it. Ahahaha I love my mom.
Turquoise beaded bracelet! This goes super well with the other bracelets that I bought, kind of like a "main" piece.  Now I have a full set! Necklace, rings, bracelet :D Too bad I don't wear earrings :/ This was about 5$ USD.
And omg, I went a little... ring crazy
I wanted this red color because its such a nice contrast when worn with turquoise! I've seen some models   like Mana Honda and Ogihara Momoko
Never thought such two different and vivid colors would look so good next to each other!

Anyways, here's the rest:

And now, look at the ridiculous amount of new rings I have, bought in just 2 days. LOL

Okay and finally, Style Talk Time!

One thing that has always bothered me is how a lot of people attach meaning to everything. Like, if you wear flowers in your hair you are a hippie, or if you wear a mini skirt you a slut, and if you wear crosses you are religious. Um... no. Its a thing called fashion. I've been called out for this so many times, and it seriously is starting to bother me.  When I was in middle school, sometimes people talked behind my back because I liked wearing pretty short skirts. But okay that was just the style! I wore plaid skirts and high knee socks, because I liked that like, anime school girl style. LOL.
I also wear a lot of crosses because I think they are pretty! A lot of pretty jewelry have crosses on them, and no i'm not religious. I'm not even of that religion. I just think they are pretty! Is that a big deal? Like I started wearing cross earrings and necklaces because they looked good on DBSK and it was fashionable. One time in class we were sharing papers, and a kid in my group wrote about how he doesn't believe in the whole idea of "God". He read his paper to our group of like 5 kids and at the end we were supposed to share our opinions. I liked his paper and he looked at me surprised, telling me that he "thought that I'd be offended" because he thought I was religious, judging from the amount of cross earrings I was wearing that day. I'm not sure if its wrong or right to be using symbols for fashion, but either way it already exists in fashion so instead of being a against it, why not just accept it? Positivity is better than negativity anyways, right?
Here are some pictures of how crosses are really in:

Pretty right? And thats just it, its just pretty. I know some people wear crosses and mini skirts because the are religious or sluts or whatever (ahaha never thought I'd compare those two things) but my point is- not everything has a meaning attached to it.

Sorry, just gotta get that off my mind. And also, I really want one of those long cross necklaces like Mana is wearing in that third pic! So pretty haha.

Ahaha oops I just found pics on my ipod too... yeah i'll post them xD 

Yeah okay I know, vain vain vain but whatever! lol wow also these remind me of this Nonoka Iwata pic :O
Cept she looks like a gorgeous doll ahhh *jealous*

Okay yes, that's all! Thanks for reading~ I hope I didn't bore you too much lol.

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