Saturday, July 2, 2011


Yay so at the mall this week they are having a fair for things from all over Thailand. Aka good things for cheap! I found a LOT of pretty jewelry and bought some :) They totally remind me of the pictures I posted a few weeks ago that I found in Jelly. Okay here we go:

So I bought things in sets kinda so this is the first one. Its a pretty black stone ring and necklace. Pretty simple, but it matches the look I've been going with! The ring was about 2$USD and the necklace was about 5$USD :)

 The next is white~ The ring was again about 2$USD and the necklace... LOL less than 1$USD bahaha :D

... and okay I admit, I jumped on the turquoise bandwagon xD I love the color but now I just gotta convince myself its okay to wear something other than pink... Actually, I've had some turquoise days in the past but when I did my friends were like wtf are you wearing LOL.

I LOVE this ring and it looks SO much like the one Mana Honda picked out at Egoist in Kawaii.i :O here is hers:
Similar right?!
 I bought the ring and 2 necklaces! Ring was same price as the others~ the first necklace was about 3$USD and the second was about 1$USD :) I love all these pieces! The last one is like an interesting shark tooth shape I like it :D

Look how pretty turquoise is though *_* I can't wait to try and wear it LOL oh maybe I'll paint my toes that color too hehe.
Ogihara Momoko
Mana Honda

 Next are some bracelets:
Zoom up!
 I can never resist buying these every year but I always lose them xD They were about 30 cents each!! I buy a bunch every time I come to Thailand even when I don't wear them that often because they are so cheap and pretty I think. Anyone want some? lol :D 

Next thing, i know its a little late for this but I saw it and had to buy it. Its a little travel diary :) About 8$USD.
 I'm already 2/3rds of the way done with my trip but I still really wanted it xD Because the best part is....
All the pages are different! Or at least there are like 20 different pages and they repeat throughout the book, but still! So beautiful. I don't even know if I'll have the courage to right in it LOL I don't want to ruin it!

And last, I leave with some webcam pics because I looked too crappy and tired for HD pics xD I really need photoshop or something -.-

And seriously, I mentioned before but if you like the Jelly gyaru style (like onee gyaru) you should check out Kawaii.i! Here is another one of their youtube vids :)

And like them on facebook! KawaiiiOfficial Facebook Page If they get enough likes they might open a store hehe so go like! :D

Alright thanks for reading everyone :)

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