Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sexy makeup and YAY bought shoes~!

Ready for my epic outfit shot of the day?!

 LOL jk so I didn't actually do an outfit shot because I was rushing today, but I managed to take this little crappy picture from the mirror in the bathroom with my ipod but well lol, its crap xD

So instead, enjoy these HD pics of my makeup:

 I tried doing an older (more adult) style like I said I would in my last post. What do you think? I never wear eyeliner much on the bottom, but today I put some brown eyeliner to make it a little darker. I don't know if you can see, but overall the makeup is definitely um darker and maybe sexier then what I usually do :P

Hmm yeah I like it, although I do feel more um... fierce with this kind of style. LOL does that make sense? I feel like when I dress, my mood and my attitude changes, depending on what I wear. I'll like be more confident and bold when I'm wearing darker colored clothes, or in a more mature/sexy-ish style, as opposed to when I'm wearing a pink dress I'll be more shy and timid. 

Haha I suppose this means I don't have a real personality... Or it means that I'm really good at acting and I should go to Hollywood! :D (LOL jk seriously, no)

Okay and finally, I bought a few things (yeah whats new lol) here they are!

This belt was... LOL about 3$USD -die- yeah i know... SO CHEAP and its not crappy quality or anything, we just went to like a wholesale mall where if you buy like a certain amount of items in the store (example, 3) you get it at a cheap price. This store sold belts and my mom bought a few so I got this one :D
I wore this hat a few posts ago when I talked about black dresses, but didn't post about the hat! I bought it for around 9$USD. Its pretty cute I really wanted a white hat :)

And you know me I always save my favorite for last, so here it is!!!
Aren't these shoes cute? I'm kind of really really picky when it comes to buying shoes because they are like the most expensive thing in an outfit (besides a bag or something haha) so to get these shoes I seriously walked around the same mall for about a week, hunting for the right pair because damn I really needed shoes! I only brought 2 sandals here and they were getting pretty worn down from wearing them everyday. Then I saw these in the window and was like YEP that's the one LOL. The lady wasn't even there to open her shop yet and I just stood there and waited for her to open lmfao. It was so worth it though! And these were about 20$USD not too bad! Apparently, the brand is called Blossom and its made in Korea as it says on the shoe. Haha but I think its just like one of those made up brands that make cheap shoes idk xD 

Anyways, more shots:
I love them! Can't wait to wear them. Now I just gotta find a bag in that color... LOL :D

Last thing I wanted to talk about... models! :D I have finally decided on a few favorites and really wanted to get this out there because I am so excited LOL (this is how I am when I get obsessed with something, yes xD)

So my favorite magazines as of right now are Popteen and Jelly so naturally, most of my favorite models come from there! Here they are :)

 Mizuki Nishikawa (Mizukitty) 

Kotobuki Rui

Rie Matsuoka (Okarie)

And Mizuki and Rui together LOL :D

Mai Miyagi

Mana Honda

Remi Sakamoto

LOL but really, I like most of the models from those 2 magazines. As for miscellaneous models that I really like:

Manami Suzuki/Manya (from Egg)

Aya Suzuki (from Ranzuki)

Satomi Yakuwa/Satomin (from Ageha)

And yes, okay Tsubasa Masuwaka but who doesn't, really? xD But actually it really look me a long time to like her, but now its like waaah *_* love lol 

Oops okay for real last thing, what do you think about me doing makeup tutorials? I kind of want to try, but then again, do we really need more makeup tutorials in the world? I am a noob at this makeup thing really and I feel like I should just leave it up to the more skilled people haha. But I don't know, would it be helpful? If anyone reads this, you should answer me, I'd like to know! :) Thank you~~~

Alright well thanks for reading! :)

For anyone who clicked "read more" here is some sexy gyaru pics to thank you for reading :)

Really, thank you so much for reading :)

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