Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back from JAPAN! Japan Part1: Days 1-3


So it's been what, like a week? But I'm back from Japan!! Yes yes so now of course, I have to blog about my wonderfully, awesome, exciting journey. I have so many pictures to share so I think I'm going to split this up into 2 posts so that I don't pic spam only one post haha. Also, actually I don't have that many pics of the city in general because I've been so many times I don't know what to take pictures of haha. But I tried my best when I remembered to!

SO without further ado, welcome to my experience in Japan!

Day 1: July 23, 2011

Today I started my journey to Japan! I took a picture of my plane ticket as proof hehe (as if the actual pictures of Japan weren't convincing enough, but hey, you never know! lol)

And some self shots of the day :)

At the Thailand airport I also bought a MAC bronzer in Gold Deposit for some reason... LOL I really needed a bronzer but I should have just waited to buy a cheaper one :( But oh well, its amazing!

My mom and I left Thailand at around 9 and the plane ride took about 6 hours! Whew! Not long actually compared to the trip to Thailand which was 32 hours of traveling FML. But anyways, by the time we got to our hotel after a long bus ride from Narita, it was already kind of late. BUT yes, knowing me and my mom we wasted no time- now that we were in Japan it was time to SHOP! Our hotel was near Shinjuku station which I think is the biggest station in Tokyo. And it was full of shopping! On the first night, I found a store with Dolly Wink products. SCORE! Exactly what I came for! Here's what I bought:

Dolly Wink eyelash fix:

Dolly Wink lashes No.1:

Dolly Wink lashes No.5:

Dolly Wink lashes No.6:

Jewerich lashes No.2:

And bonus, AB Mezical Eyelid Fiber:
This stuff is absolutely amazing! Way better than tape to omg xD This will probably be in my next makeup review :)

I'm SO EXCITED my first Japanese lashes!!! I love them so much I'm going to write another post later, of course, about my thoughts on using the products :D stay tuned!

Also, from going into many many cosmetics stores and convenience stores, I've discovered that awesome brands such as Majolica Majorca and Canmake are brands that are found every where :O Like even 7-11! I guess this means that they're pretty common and are like drugstore brands? But damn they are still good! :)

Day 2: July 24th, 2011

TODAY IS THE DAY that I went to Shibuya 109! I've been to this mall twice before but sadly I wasn't into gear fashion that much and I was broke during my homestay pretty much lol. But yes omg it was so amazing! You have no idea of the exciting thrill of just being surrounded by so many different gyaru brands

Here is my outfit of the day and self shots:

View from the exit of Shibuya station:

And omg! I spotted Shibuya109!

We spent the whole day shopping at this one mall LOL 10 floors of amazingness *_* I was almost in shock haha. I literally wanted EVERYTHING even things from styles that I don't wear LOL. But in the end I only bought a few things because well, its so damn expensive T_T And here it is…. THE GLORIOUS STUFF:

Liz Lisa knit cover and dress
They were having a sale! 2 items (such as a dress and a jacket) for 9,975yen! Which sounds really expensive but each piece alone at normal price is already over 7,000yen! I just HAD to get something, and its my favorite brand! The store attendant insisted that it was a great deal and recommended these pieces so duh I had to get it xD Here's what the two look like together:

Next, I bought these shoes foam Flag J:

They are super cute!! Right when I walked in, I was like in shock from all the amazing cute shoes they had, but this one grabbed my attention because of the amazing height and the cute ribbons! I think these are at least 5 inches in height because I am taller than my mom in them! In the end of course, it was the store attendant that persuaded me to buy them because I cannot resist when they talk to me and convince me to by something. I swear they can convince me to buy just about anything because they are so damn cute xD

Here's the whole outfit I bought today!
CUTE RIGHT? That would be a yes :P

Happy, happy in my new outfit *____*

Then at SBY I bought Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in deep black

And I got this cute fan with my purchase!
They have the cutest models hehe :P Seriously though, in the store, Suzuki Aya was practically plastered every where LOL not that I minded of course, she is just too cute!

For lunch today we were kinda just so starving from walking that we jumped into the first restaurant we found and it was Ma Maison on the 7th floor of Shibuya109. I had a salad and my mom had doria:

AND GUESS WHO I SAW OUTSIDE OF SHIBUYA109 THIS DAY?! Mana Honda!! She, and some other models I couldn't name, were outside of the mall being interviewed! I couldn't sneak a picture though because there was security all around making sure pictures weren't taken :( But omg she's so pretty in real life! I was so happy I was freaking out to my mom like an idiot xD

Day 3: July 25, 2011

Today we went to Harajuku. Here's my outfit of the day! Haha as you can see I wasted no time, wearing my new Liz Lisa cover and new Flag J shoes!

Makeup today I'm wearing my new Jewerich lashes- they're so amazing!

First stop, the gigantic Forever 21!

Here I bought these cute tops and wow, compared to everything else in Japan they were pretty affordable:

Pretty simple pieces I know, but still cute! I like big shirts like this to wear over camis or something. Its so comfy!

We walked around Harajuku a bit down Takeshita where like a lot of shopping is such as Liz Lisa Harajuku but didn't buy anything xD Did I emanation Japan is so freaking expensive??

And bonus! When we came home I turned on the T.V and saw DBSK's Kim Junsu's brother, Kim Junho. My mom and I kept gawking at the resemblance between them xD cept still doesn't beat my Susu hehe.

Okay that was all for part 1! I hope you enjoyed this post :) part 2 should be coming either tomorrow or the next day, depending on whether or not I have time! The next post is exciting too so please stay tuned! I bought more gyaru stuff from Shibuya109 too hehe :)

Thanks for reading!

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