Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lashes talk, and then of course a haul :P

Yes, there is going to be another haul in this post :P But first, the makeup! 
So I really wanted to use all the demi lashes that i bought, but recently, I have been wanting to wear thick and visible lashes, where as when I wear demi lashes just by themselves they look really natural and not so visible.  So I stacked them with other lashes! Here I'm using Ardell Runway Lashes- Claudia and Mei Linda- No. 10

and then put them together and voila!
Here's what they look like on me:
I love this combination because it is still kind of natural looking but totally noticeable! Very fun and a good combination i think hehe :)

And on Monday my mom and I went to the dentist to get our teeth all clean and of course, while I was waiting for my mom I was reading a magazine! I brough EGG from April 2011 with me :) And then looking at pictures made me want to take pics of my own so I camwhored a little in the waiting room... LOL
Then on Tuesday, I decided to try out a different hairstyle- a side ponytail with a twist- literally. It twists at the top, then I tied it with a band, and the rest is straight.
You cant see the twist very well, but I still think its nice, what do you think?

Yep okay, thats all for that, now onto the haul! :P
Lets start off with makeup~

The first things are from Canmake and I bought the Canmake Shading Powder in 01 and Canmake Coloring Eyebrow in Yellow Brown (イエローブラウン as it says on the thing which I'm assuming could only mean yellow brown lol) . The shading powder I'm going to use for nose contouring and touch up on bronzer for my cheeks throughout the day if I need it. And the coloring eyebrow is a sort of mascara. and Note: Once I've used my products and have thoroughly formed an opinion on them, I will make reviews! :D So please stay tuned if you want to read about them!

The next thing is the Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover Powder in OC20 and the Compact Case of course! I've heard seriously great things about this, so I really hope I love it too! The only thing is that whenever I buy powders, I'm super super anal about matching my skin, so I REALLY hope that this works out! 
 The next is the Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in PK383. I really loved the Majolook eyeshadow that I bought before, so hopefully this will be just as good! :) I'm so lovin' the pink colors too!
And as a bonus, when you spend 1,500 baht (about 50$US) at Watson's on Majolica Majorica this month (or something like that) they give you a free Neo Automatic Liner Eyeliner pencil in RD544 which I assume is a red color. I don't know if I'll ever use this, but eh, free stuff whoohoo! :P
Last makeup thing is just a refill for the KMA Fairy Collection Powder that I've been using for my base (because this plus BB cream is good enough- no foundation! :O) The color I use matches like PERFECT with my skin! (Color C2)
Yeah so to sum up for the makeup, I bought all of it except for the KMA powder, at Watson's and spent a total of around 2,300 baht which is about 75$US hahaha :) and the KMA refill I bought for about 8$US.

Okay now for the clothing!
First up are Juicy Couture flip flops. I know right?? I don't even buy Juicy stuff in America but this was on sale and so cute so I was like umm kay! :D They came in this Juicy Couture bag :)
And here they are! Such a lovely pink omg and they have height which I love!! The design is kind of simple, but absolutely cute I think.
And the main point- the little crown on the top! ADORABLE. I also love the little criss cross and how its not just the normal thong. It looks so good when worn, seriously!

 Next is this cute dress that I bought. I like it because the design is all floral, but with the black and the short length is gives it a little bit of a sexy edge! So its like a sexy-cute dress, rather than the normal so-cute-it-makes-you-want-to-puke kind of dresses that I usually buy, (which is coming up btw! bahaha) And this was about 6$US :)
Kay next thing is this dress, which is another sort of puffy doll dress. Again with the floral patterns, yeah I know, I know I should stop but I can't resist sometimes LOL. This again was about 6$US~
Next is this nice white cover, and sorry about the quality compared to the rest of these pics but it was the last thing i photographed and I just wanted to hurry up and blog! Hahaha. The fashion point of this is the lace on the bottom! :)
 KAY and this next one is my absolute FAVORITE of all time. Ready?!?!
BAM cute right?! I freaking love this dress and I almost didn't buy it because of my mom, but after I tried it on it was SO CUTE she was like um okay yeah get it. Bahaha it's so freaking cute and seriously when I put it on it's so doll like! Pink polkadots, bow, and pleaded?! Could it get any better?? I took a lot of pics of this one because pictures seriously don't do it justice haha. I love it :) And it was about 14$US!!
 Mmmm pretty :D And kay yeah for these next 2 I'm not sure if I should be posting this on the internet but eh! So cute XD I bought these two bras hehe. Cute right?
 Haha yeah I seriously couldn't resist showing everyone this, and hey, better here then just randomly flashing everyone and being like "hey look! my bra is cute!" right? :P

And so the last things are this cute contact case that I bought to replace my Hello Kitty one because it broke :( And then 2 pairs of cute glasses that I bought! The contact case was about 3$US and the glasses were about 9$US each.
(My lighting failed miserably, so hence the 2 shots haha) And with this pair (the above, I mean ^) it's wrapped in fabric and handmade! I love it even though the colors are not what I would usually go for.
Yep and then some shots of what the glasses look like on me! (Again in the car- its a long traffic jammed drive from the mall back to the hotel okay?? :P)

 PHEW that was quite a long post. I hope you all enjoyed looking at my stuff! :) Stay tuned for those makeup reviews (and probably more hauls) and as always~
thank you for reading! :D

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