Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phone apps ftw! (SUPER image heavy!)

OMG I have pink hair now!

...JK hahaha i downloaded this super cool app called Hair Color Booth which can turn your hair a billion colors! Kept me entertained for like an hour LOL and here is some spam of me and what I would look like in different colors hahahaha. 


Golden Brown

Dark grey


Green (LOL wtf)

Light grey

White (which aint so white, fail!)



Umm reddish?

I like pink and light grey the best! And I also think blue is freakishly pretty *_* LOL Thoughts?

Haha anyways. I had a super good hair day today, so good I decided to camwhore on 3 locations: camera, ipod, and webcam! Haha its obvious which is which.

I LOVE CURLY HAIR. I finally brought myself to buy a hair curler xD Because using a straightener is okay but it takes way too much effort! Just rolling it up in a curler is much much easier :) This is the one that I bought:
It was the cheapest and I got the small one so I can curl short and long hair. But it kinda sucks because the heat is very low (even on the high setting) so the curls don't really last all day :/ gotta buy some spray or something now!

Anywaysss so it was funny today I saw another blonde asian at the mall! She was old though like my mom's age. Haha we saw each other and had like a staring battle. I think neither of us expected to see another blonde LOL. Her's looked like this though it was quite weird.

And she was like 40! So strange... xD

Moving on... Since my phone was done, I decided to just go ahead and deco my ipod hahaha :D This is the result!

Pretty?! I love it ^__^ Hehe its so fun and so pretty at the end~

Also, MY NAIL BROKE D: And it broke all weird too! the end ripped off but since the gel is so strong it like ripped in the middle too T__T

Hurt so effing bad! I almost cried :( Look how retarded my hand looks now hahahaha
I seriously need to go to the nail salon and fix this! I think next I'll be normal and get a cute summery design or something (instead of this winter one LOL) but we'll see :P

Oh and one more thing I wanted to talk about. Everyone probably knows this by now but there is an app called Princess Camera that is like purikura on your ipod! I love it so much I just downloaded it after hearing a lot about it. And its so fun!

 Since I really wanted new backgrounds for my ipod and I had a lot of free time waiting around today, I took some pics of Tsubasa Masuwaka from the Popsister magazine that I was reading and decided to decorate them ^^ Here are the before and afters!

Cute right?! I'm so addicted I love decorating apps and I think this is the best one I've had!

Okay I think that's all! Also I have more stuff to show but I'm going to be shopping in Bangkok this weekend (which guarantees lots of good stuff!!) So i'll be posting my haul then :D

Kay bye! Thanks for reading~ 

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