Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little black dresses- let's get fashion motivated!

So I've come to the conclusion that I've seriously been super unfashionable lately, and I don't know what's gotten into me! Actually, this happens a lot when my extreme laziness takes over and I don't want to go through the trouble of picking out a cute, creative outfit when I'm just going to go out for only a few hours.

But at times like that I remind myself: there are going to be people and you are going to be seen. Better to look your best because you never know who you will see and meet.

I've had this happen many times where we are walking around and my mom will happen to see an old friend and of course she goes and THIS is my daughter! Which is the point where I'm always thankful that I have makeup on and I don't look gross because sometimes I think my mom cares more that I look okay than me, haha.

But anyways, let's get motivated! I'm too lazy to turn on the light now and look at my magazines so Tumblr will have to do :P

Actually, for some reason I've been wearing lots of blacks/greys. For example, like in that post a few days ago when I wore that red&black dress. Today I wore a grey and white dress. I also like pairing a mainly black with some light pastel pink! I think it looks so pretty. Sorry no pics though ahaha I fail :/

Anyways, I looked a while on tumblr and really liked some pictures of Egg model Nonoka Iwata. She has strikingly pretty blonde hair and it looks so good with black! But maybe since mine is not as white as hers it wont look as good :/ here is some spam of her:
Kind of a gothic vibe but I don't know, I really like it right now! Maybe my thoughts will change in the morning but right now these pictures have got me super captivated *_* 

The black, elegant look is so pretty though. My mom just bought a few shirts that are black lace too! (coincidentally) so maybe I can go steal some to wear ;P

I want a little black dress! They are so cute and I think it'd be a nice, alternative look.
I love this look because with the hat it makes it look more casual in a way.

Maybe a little too fancy to wear on a day to day basis but omg i love this dress! Its so cute.

This skirt is really cute! I really like things that are decorated like that on clothing. It reminds me of deco-ing like on a phone or something haha so cool.

THIS coordinate is so pretty I really wish I could pull something like this off.

So far all of the examples have been more adult-like with a sexy undertone, but since I fail at sexy a cute look is also nice! Like this example:
The straw hat and sandals make the look more cute and casual rather than adult and sexy. I don't know I'm really liking this! Yes I think I will try a look like this tomorrow! Maybe try to add in some pink by wearing a light pink cardigan? 

Wow mission success! I finally have something I want to wear!! Blogging is fun. lol :D

Also, its about that time when I have to get my nails done again! I've been brainstorming for ideas but haven't really settled on one yet :/ here are some of my picks though!
As you can see, I really want something involving leopard print haha. But ah can't choose! Maybe I'll get all 10 nails different and just pick the individual nails that i like from these pictures.. LOL

Thanks for reading :)

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