Saturday, June 18, 2011

The good stuffs

I seriously had nothing to do with while I was waiting for my mom to get dressed, so camwhoring it was! I also was too lazy to do full makeup so whipped out my new glasses and whoobam! Style. 
 Camwhoring, yay! Also did my hair in a bun (or at least the illusion of a bun with my short ass hair -.-) but UGH can't really do this anymore because the stupid salon here like literally refused to put another round of bleach in my hair to get my roots the right color. So now its this poopy ugly orangey color! like wtf seriously?? I'm the customer and I've done my roots before with the right color, you can lift the color some more. Ugh just pisses me off now i can't show my roots T_T

But anyways, here are some multiple views of the hair style. seriously ignore the roots, please -.-

And today's outfit of the day... That sexy-cute floral dress! All ready to go shopping haha :)
And excuse me while I take more pictures hahaha kay just these last two and onto the better stuff!
Before I get to the haul, let me tell you about my last few days! The other day I went to see Green Lantern. Eh I didn't really like it much though. For some reason, other than Batman, I just don't like DC Comics superheroes much. Marvel ftw! xD
And today, we went to eat Japanese food. (And i finally remembered to take pictures LOL). We ate at Fuji Restaurant.

Some sort of salmon roll with asparagus and cucumber inside and topped off with a spicy cream sauce. THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I love salmon so much! *_* (lol ignore the fact that I already ate two! bahahaha)
Next, some mushroom salad that was also delicious~
And for our main course, teriyaki salmon with rice and miso soup and kimchi.
Let's take a closer look at that salmon because DAMN it was gooooodd~
Hehe and of course for dessert, some froyo from Red Mango.
 Okay now the really good stuff; my haul for these past days! I didn't buy much though after spending all my money on makeup last time LOL Just a few things :)

I went to Daiso and because its so cheap, I thought I'd try out their double eyelid tape. Because most days my right eye refuses to be double like my left one and then they are uneven -.-;
 For my phone! This cute Cinnamoroll plushie :D
OMG this pouch was so freaking adorable I HAD to buy it! About 5$USD and its fluffy with ribbons and pearls! So freaking cutee.
A phone strap about 3$USD. So shiny and pink :)
And.. I've been bored lately at night so have decided to get to decorating my phone because its so plain and un-shiny. So bought some stuff for that!

A mask, because the glue is hella stinky and chemical filled (wouldn't want to kill any more brain cells then necessary) :P 
 And some bling! Since it is my iPhone3 and I'm hoping to get a new iPhone soon (-crosses fingers-), I decided to be a little lazy and use 1 sticker sheet for the base LOL. I know, lame xD
 And then some main pieces! Saving some though lol
 And some little filler peaces!
 And the result....


LOL jk, cause and hour in I got so tired and decided to quit. The sides took so freaking long! -.- 
I didn't even have energy to do the main part :( Oh well I guess that'll just have to wait until tomorrow! :D

OH and last but NOT least, I bought this gorgeous necklace. idek how I found it, it was like fate really *_*
Only 6$USD too! DBSK forever :) I love them with all my heart and god this necklace it so beautiful *_*

Alright hope you liked my haul and thanks for reading!

EDIT: JK I finished here's the result! :D
Kinda different from my usual decorations... less um.. pink LOL But still i love it!

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