Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I love gyaru makeup, but I can never bring myself to put on as much makeup as them.  It just feels uncomfortable and I feel really not myself. I love how the makeup accentuates the eyes and make them almost literally, POP. These are my favorite styles, where its kind of dark at the end corners but then its light in the corners by the nose. 


And here is my take on it:

As you can see its not as defined or bold or whatever, but like I said I wanted to do a more casual look!  I'm really liking it, and although I still wish I could pull off the even bolder classic gyaru look, this suits me more. I also didn't use too many products. This is the list:

-Covergirl black waterproof pencil eyeliner
-Maybelline XXL mascara
-Sephora white eyeshadow pencil
-Mac brown and bronze eyeshadow

I'm not sure exactly what colors I used for eyeshadow cause I've had this palette for a hella long time, but I LOVE it.  I'm running out though T~T

Alright well. I'm not a beauty guru so I don't think I have skills to make a tutorial but yeah! Its simple anyways LOL.

Time to go relax!

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