Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I always wear extensions, but only ones that match my hair color. Today I was going through my bathroom and i found the old extensions I used to wear when my hair was like reddish brown and they were so pretty! So I tried mixing them with my blonde today :)

I really like how the colors blend together! I love the look of 2 colors, even though i also really like just plain blonde hair. 2 colors mix! it reminds me of this style.

i also bought pink extensions! I'm so excited to wear them because I love pink hahahhaa and I miss pink in my hair. I used to dye it but it was only semi permanent and I was tired of re-dying :( 

Has anyone else notices that gyaru style usually only has 1 hair color though? I mean most models just have one hair color, I think the highlights look nice though! I wish I could find more pictures.

I feel so glamourous when i wear them LOL

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