Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lenses Review- Candy Hanabi Pink, and Nose contouring

So today I thought I would do a review on my newest pair of lenses! (even though I got them like a month or two ago... LOL) These are Candy Hanabi Pink and I purchased them from The Apple of Your Eyes (link).  Heres what the lenses look like on me. The lighting on my camera is not that great but hopefully you can kind of still see the color.

So my review on these lenses.

Comfort: These lenses are pretty comfortable, especially for how big they are. I really like Dueba lenses because I think that they are so light and easy to wear! I can feel them sometimes but it doesn't bother me like some lenses do. There are no problems with comfortability!
Rating: 5/5

Design: The two biggest things I consider when buying lenses (besides comfortability, because who can tell how comfortable they'll be by just a picture?!), are color and enlargement effect. For these lenses, the color on me is not as bright as the pictures used to advertise, but I have really, really dark eyes. So the fact that they show up light at all makes me really happy. They are pink, but subtle so not as "freaky" (at least I think!) They stand out so that people can tell that my eyes are a different color almost instantly, but only upon close examination can you see the pink! 

As for enlargement effect, I REALLY like how these are pretty large. I forgot the actual numbers, but I would say it gives the effect of 15mm. I am really picky about how large my lenses have to be because i LOVE huge lenses, and these ones are nice and big!]

However, as for the design in general, I don't like how scary and cold they make my eyes look.  When I compare to the dark lenses that I usually wear, these are a little frightening while brown ones are warm and welcoming. When I take pictures with this one I feel kind of like I'm giving an icy stare ~_~ I don't think these are the lenses' fault though, just my personal preference! This is the picture of the "Hanabi" design. The design is rather cool, but just a little too out there for my taste! I prefer the normal ones... 

Rating: Color: 4/5, Enlargement: 5/5

Overall: So because of my preference on the overall design of the lenses, I would not give them a perfect score, but if you are into pink eyes and really want something that makes your eyes stand out, I would recommend these.  The design is a little intense so also if you are looking for something new to try these are pretty good!

Overall rating: 4/5

Okay so I hope this review helped~ Its my first time! I buy a lot of lenses so I should probably do reviews on them... I think I will! :) 

Anyways, on another note. I tried contouring my nose and I really like the way they look in pictures. Of course in person it doesn't give an effect this good but there's a subtle difference. My nose is like... super flat. And tiny. ~_~ Yeah I don't like it at all so whatever I can do to make it more "there" is good! I also put concealer on the bridge of my nose to highlight it which I think also helped. And to contour I used a brown eyebrow pencil (LOL) yeah no powders or anything, you just gotta blend, blend, blend!

Yes so overall, nice long post! Haha kay thanks for reading! :)

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