Thursday, February 24, 2011


So i've been taking pictures with my new cell phone! It has an amazing flash and these pictures were in bad lighting but you can still see my face haha its amazing! 

Yeah so lately I've been into the like "natural" looking fashion. Even though I don't prefer long skirts and to be covered up, I love this look right now (especially when I can't seem to lose any weight! >_<)
This is the look I'm talking about:

This is like nature colors with floral patterns, very spring looking- and since it's almost spring (sorta) I think its pretty appropriate! The weather here is still kinda bipolar though.. It'll snow one day and be like 60 degrees the next, so I'm not sure how long I can wear this look for! But for now it's perfect :)

I have some dresses that are long and in this sort of style. The one I'm wearing now (in the picture) is just white but it goes down past my knees. I've gotten compliments in it so far so it seems like its cute! I think I'll just need some accessories that go with it though because the ones I have now are boring... I mean they are cute but I am tired of always wearing the same thing you know?

Waaa~ I just feel like relaxing! But I know I can't because of school :(

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