Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eyes! OMG!

OMG lol my eyes looked really big today i thought . And I didn't even use tape or glue or anything! They were like triple lidded LOL. I still look BLEH but oh well my eyes were cool. Yeah I don't have much for this post hahaha.

HoMin... Wow. Just... Wow.

This is HoMin's comeback from last night on M!Countdown and I must say... HOLY SHTKLJDFALKJLDKJSKF hahhaha is it just me or was this just like super incredible unbearably hot?! The only thing I would say that would have made it better is if they hadn't worn those ugly patterned suits for KYHD, but hey, they're still amazing and their outfits don't take away from their performance. And wow during How Can I, I was seriously proud of those two. I know that Yunho isn't confident in his singing and since this was a ballad, I couldn't even imagine how nervous he was! But man he pulled it off and yes I'm just so proud! *~* LOL I feel like a weird parent or something saying that even though he is WAY older than me hahahaha.  I am also proud of Min because WOW his dancing! He said once that he didn't want to look bad in comparison to Yunho with dancing but PSH that boy has nothing to worry about! He's so amazing and all that practicing seriously paid off. 

There's a lot of things I have to say about TVXQ now, especially now with them doing completely different things. First off, I kinda refuse to call HoMin TVXQ, because well, they aren't.  JaeJoong+Junsu+Yoochun+Changmin+Yunho=TVXQ. Period.  In this performance, when they started playing "Thanks To" I was like T~T because it was just Min's part but this song was from the 5 of them! I had hope for a second that they were going to play the other member's singer, but nope. It like pains me to see this because its like they've completely cut the other 3 off from the rest of the group, which isn't cool. I mean, it kills me to think about whether or not the members still talk to each other or not and the uncertainty really, really gets to me all the time.  I don't even know if I would rather hear the truth if they aren't talking, or if I just want to keep believing what I want to believe.
This past year without them has been so heartbreaking and even know when they're technically all back I feel sad- but who wouldn't? 

BUT even though it IS sad, I'm still glad that they all have something to do and it seems that both HoMin and JYJ are successful, and really, that is a good thing. I really with that this turns out well, but I guess we'll just have to wait to see what happens.... :/

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Talk and spazz!

Soo didn't blog yesterday because work kinda killed me. Working 8 hour straight was NOT fun at ALL -_- but the only good thing is that it's like standing and moving and walking around all day so hopefully it will help me lose weight haha. I finally downloaded myfitnesspal app and wow it's sort of amazing. Counting calories is so much easier now then ever haha so awesome! I wish I brought my scale here with because I would really like to know how much I'm losing... Or not losing ~.~ I can't WAIT to lose enough weight to be able to wear the clothes I want all the time and look good in them >< That is seriously what I want.

This is what I looked like today lol. (Stupid phone pic quality!!) I'm sad because of my dark circles!! How can I make this go away?! T~T I sleep more now and I tried using an eye roller but it's still dark all the time >< and I use the Garnier eye roller or something.. Idk haha but it was only like $12 so I bought just to try out.  Maybe I should use it for a little longer before judging it though... if it got rid of circles that fast I would be concerned! LOL

Okaay so I can't really think of what else to talk about.

OH YEAH i was freaking out about this today. So basically i LOVE DBSK and like I really mean like LOVE bahahahaha and yeah i was freaaaking out about this. MIN LOOKS SO HANDSOME OMGGG that girl is hella lucky! hehheehe man these photos are just great though.

Kk yeah till next time! :)
Monday, January 17, 2011

Gyaru... its amazing.

So... no secret that I love gyaru. Those Japanese girls are sort of amazing. Small face, big eyes, perfect hair and makeup.  I wish I had enough talent to do my hair and makeup like that, and I also which i had a better face haha. But whatever, can't do anything about that last part... (at least not yet hahahhaha)

My favorite gyaru has to be Satomi Yukawa. She's absolutely amazing.

I'm so jealous! I really wish I had a small face like hers. And big eyes like that. And a nose that isn't hidden on my face LOL. God i hate my nose. Sometimes its "cute" but really its just non existant. I also hate my chubby cheeks. They weren't always this chubby either. Stupid college has made me gain like 930820394123 pounds. Okay not really more like 10, but thats still so many when I wasn't even at my goal wait to begin with.  

I'm also super lazy and hate exercising. Why is it so hard to get out of bed?!  I have more work hours now though, and its all standing and walking around for the whole shift so I hope that is somewhat of a workout everyday. I don't know what else to do. I try really hard not to eat the bad shit too but in the campus dining halls its so hard sometimes. And hot chocolate will be the death of me!!! So many calories for a delicious drink, it makes me sad.

But whateverrr I have to lose some weight or I might go crazy. I probably am already going crazy hahaha.

This is me from a few years a go, and me now. FAT CHEEKS go awaaay T~T I soooo fail. blah!


New site, new things to say.

Sometimes I feel like I'm boxed in when I post to Tumblr.  I mean, I appreciate my friends following me but sometimes, don't you want to blab to people you don't know? Or just to the open internet in general. Here's where blogspot can come in.

So to start off, I'm Saki. 18. Girl. And I live in the US. I'm Asian... Can you guess which one? I have no siblings and no pets, sadly.

Things I like.... oh you know, the usual. Makeup, pretty girls&boys, Japanese fashion and Korean music. I love gyaru and ulzzang.  I am super self-conscious about my body and weight and height, but what else is new, right? I feel like over half the bloggers I follow are the same way, but that's just life I guess.

I'm not sure what I'll be posting here, but letting out a few feelings now and then could be good, right?


Just some starting pictures.