Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Talk and spazz!

Soo didn't blog yesterday because work kinda killed me. Working 8 hour straight was NOT fun at ALL -_- but the only good thing is that it's like standing and moving and walking around all day so hopefully it will help me lose weight haha. I finally downloaded myfitnesspal app and wow it's sort of amazing. Counting calories is so much easier now then ever haha so awesome! I wish I brought my scale here with because I would really like to know how much I'm losing... Or not losing ~.~ I can't WAIT to lose enough weight to be able to wear the clothes I want all the time and look good in them >< That is seriously what I want.

This is what I looked like today lol. (Stupid phone pic quality!!) I'm sad because of my dark circles!! How can I make this go away?! T~T I sleep more now and I tried using an eye roller but it's still dark all the time >< and I use the Garnier eye roller or something.. Idk haha but it was only like $12 so I bought just to try out.  Maybe I should use it for a little longer before judging it though... if it got rid of circles that fast I would be concerned! LOL

Okaay so I can't really think of what else to talk about.

OH YEAH i was freaking out about this today. So basically i LOVE DBSK and like I really mean like LOVE bahahahaha and yeah i was freaaaking out about this. MIN LOOKS SO HANDSOME OMGGG that girl is hella lucky! hehheehe man these photos are just great though.

Kk yeah till next time! :)

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