Saturday, December 8, 2018

My Girly Christmas Wishlist

Happy Holidays everyone! I just quickly wanted to pop on here and share with you my personal Christmas wishlist, because I am LUSTING hardcore after these items and whether or not I actually buy them will be a totally different story, but for right now I am just eying this lovelies from a far!

I am the type of person who never ever asks for expensive christmas gifts- if my friends or family ask what I want for Christmas I literally just say, "anything!" because I feel like I am the easiest person to buy for... just get me something pink and I will LOVE it! That being said, when it comes to gifting things to myself, that is an entirely other story. I love to treat myself to expensive gifts (to be honest it doesn't even need to be for a holiday or special occasion) because I just feel like there's no one who loves me like me... am I right? Jokes aside, I have just complied a small list of luxury goodies that I really want this year and even though I will not be able to buy all of them for myself, I can still lust after them and share with everyone, right?

I will go through the items one by one and also leave a link to any of them that I can find on the internet (some of the items will be second hand, but PLEASE by all means, do not feel like you cannot buy any of these items because of me, because even though I am lusting after them there is NO way I can afford it all). 

1. Christian Dior Lady Dior in Rose Poudre (here and here)

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I currently already have one Christian Dior Lady Dior in my collection in the medium size. I bought it a coupe of months ago and I have to say it has quickly become one of my most favorite bags! I was so shocked because I am a Chanel girl at heart, but this little bag has quickly taken my heart as it is so functional and beautiful at the same time. Not to mention I have fallen completely in love with the brand Dior as I've come to learn about the history behind the fashion house, so obviously I wanted to add more pieces to my collection! I am thinking about getting the lovely bag in the next size down from mine which would be called the "My Lady Dior", some people call this the small size, but honestly I would even buy it in another size medium because I love this size so much! Because of the price tag there is no way I could buy it in store but luckily there are many sellers on the second hand market selling this bag for a decent price... but even then, I've just bought so many bags in the last year for myself I don't know if I should wait!!

2. Gucci Brixton Convertible Loafers in pink (here)

I have to admit... this is one of those things that, when I first saw them I thought they were so hideous and I really questioned fashion and really couldn't come to terms with it BUT as time went on and the more I kept seeing these loafers on Instagram and on other YouTubers I love, I starting to fall in love with them. I have seen these at Nordstrom several times but I have to say, I am not really a shoe person. I love shoes and don't get me wrong, I probably have way more shoes than the average person in my collection but I only have a couple pairs of designer footwear out of all those shoes. I just don't understand putting all that money towards something that I will literally be stepping on all the time and because I am incredibly clumsy, I'm afraid that I would totally RUIN any sort of nice leather shoe. However, that being said I still can't get these off of my mind! The bright baby pink color literally has my heart and I think it would go so well with many of my handbags and outfits. So we will have to see if I add them to my collection. 

3. Chanel Patent Cap Lambskin flats (here)

Alright... I know I JUST said I am not a luxury shoe person and I have two shoes on my list.. BUT I found these ones on Fashionphile in their outlet section and I am so head over heels in love with them! They are these classic Chanel flats and they have the signature Chanel cap toe but they are also in pink and nude! The craziest part is that they are in my size as well! I have never seen these before and Fashionphile Outlet is literally selling them for almost half off, and from what I can see in the pictures there is barely anything wrong with them! There are only a few minor signs of wear here and there but for shoes, I don't think there is anything major! The reason why I still haven't pulled the trigger on these is because well, although they are about half off they are still $475 for a pair of shoes.  That being said, I still would love to add these to my collection since they are so perfect and I've always wanted a pair of Chanel shoes!

4. Mille Fille Closet Tulle Coat (here)

I will be honest with you, my heart sings so loudly for this coat that I literally cannot stand it. I have placed it in my cart and almost pressed checkout SO many times because I just love this thing so much! I have been trying all winter to find a new coat but none of the ones I've been seeing have really caught my eye. Until this one came along but of course... ITS ALMOST $400! That is way more than I am willing to actually spend on a coat but a girl can dream right? I just love how unique this one is will the tulle and if you've been following me you will know that I am obsessed with tulle at the moment! I just don't understand why everything from this brand is so expensive, and even though I've bought from them before I just don't think I can swallow the price for this one. 

Louis Vuitton Essentials LV BB bandeau (here)

I have officially given into the handbag twilly trend! I just love the way that these scarves look on handbags and I especially love this one by Louis Vuitton because of the pink and white side! Ive seen this on a pink Alma bb on Instagram, tied into a bow and I'm completely in love with the way that it looks. I would love to add this to my collection!

Liz Lisa Starry Sky Rose dress (here)

And last but not least, I am waiting so patiently for this Liz Lisa dress to go on sale so that I can finally add it to my collection! I have never been a fan of longer dresses but I love the way this one looks and I think the delicate floral print is so stunning! 

Alright that was everything on my wishlist this year! I hope that you enjoyed this post and hearing about all the things I am lusting after right now! Like I said, I would never expect anyone to buy me these things, this is a wishlist purely for me, made for gifts from me to me! I just really wanted to have a place where I really wrote out all the reasons why I want these things and hopefully it will also help me to not impulse purchase anything not on this list!

What are you wishing for this year?

Happy Holidays! 


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