Saturday, July 22, 2017

Haul and Review: Tenshi Order July 2017 and Tenshi Shopping Service Review

Hello everyone! 

I am trying to get this blog up and running again but its been really hard to come up with things to write about. I decided to look back through my old, cringe worthy posts from when I was in college and noticed that my blog was mainly about shopping! I would blog about the things that I've bought, outfit of the days, and other things related to shopping and fashion. I think it would be a good idea to get back to the basics and remember why I started this blog, which is why I am here to share with you my haul this week! This time I used Tenshi as my shopping service so I will be doing a mini review on her shopping service as well.

Let's get right into it 

Like I previously said, I used the shopping service Chibi Tenshi (or just Tenshi) for my order this time. I usually go between two shopping services (Tenso not included)- which are Tenshi and Japonica.  I will write a review of Tenshi at the bottom of this post in case you are curious about her shopping service.

I began placing my order with Tenshi on June 30th 2017. I usually go on her website and fill out an order form when I am first placing my order. I believe I started out order about 5 or 6 items. After you fill out an order form, you will get an automated email saying that she has received your request and will get back to you. (If you use Tenshi and have a problem receiving emails- check your junk folder! The first few times I ordered from her all her mail went to junk.) After she reads your email she will apply for the items that you wanted to buy and then buys them for you! It's as simple as that and that's one of the many reasons I love this shopping service. I bought items from Fril and Mercari, and I also had her stop by a store in person and pick me up a magazine. As waited for my items to arrive to her I also emailed her and added a few more items to my order. In total I ended up adding 6 more items for a total of 11 items! Its bad because even after I've placed my order I always find other things I want to buy and end up asking her to get them for me. ^_^;;;

My items all arrived to her house by July 11th  and I paid the following day. She shipped my items out on July 14th. My packaged arrived to me on July 20th. So altogether from the moment I first ordered until the day that it arrived, it took 20 days! Keep in mind that it would have been sooner if I hadn't kept adding items to my order. I chose EMS shipping as always because as we have already established, I am way too impatient for anything else!

Here are the items I ordered:
(Sorry if I don't know the names of the items, but I will at least list the brand)

Rating scale (Based on condition only):
1- Horrible condition, not usable, didn't come at all like described
2- Poor condition, will still get some use but not much, many flaws
3- Okay condition, useable, many flaws but not super noticeable
4- Great condition, will get a lot of use, a few flaws but not very noticeable
5- Excellent condition, like new or brand new, no flaws

Liz Lisa flower pumps:
♡ Condition: 5/5 -  Arrived in PERFECT condition! I was so pleased to see that they were unworn and were still in perfect shape.

Liz Lisa tan ankle boots:
 ♡ Condition: 4.5/5 - These boots were a little worn in- you can see the wrinkles in the material a little bit and you can tell from the bottoms that they had been worn slightly.  But overall, I didn't find any major scuffs or marks so I would say it is in great condition and I will still be able to get a lot of wear out of them!

Liz Lisa side ribbon pumps:
♡ Condition: 3/5 - I got these pumps very cheap and believe that there was only one photo in the listing for them and I don't remember if the seller had mentioned anything about damage. However, as you can see in the second photo that there are black scuffs all on the from of the platforms. When they arrived there black marks were much worse, but I was able to clean them to this extent using soap and water and I am pretty happy with the result! I wish I took a picture of what they looked like before but it was really bad. I didn't expect to be able to get these as clean as I did because I thought if they were cleanable, the previous owner would have tried already but I guess she didn't! Other than the scuffs, there are only visible signs of wear on the bottoms of the shoes so I am pretty content with this purchase!

Liz Lisa ribbon pochette:
♡ Condition: 4/5 - I was a little disappointed in this purse because I paid a lot for it and thought it was in perfect condition but there is one scratch in the corner :( However- that being said, its not very noticeable, I'm very happy with the purse and I love it so much I just was a little sad about the price to quality ratio. I'm happy because this will be great for autumn! 

Liz Lisa Little Twin Strars collaboration dress in pink:
♡ Condition: 5/5 - I love this dress and I already have it in white so I wanted it in pink as well! The price was very good and it arrived in perfect condition (especially for it being a piece that's a few years old).

Liz Lisa My Melody 11th collaboration vol. 2 in pink
♡ Condition: 5/5 - This dress came new with tags and is in perfect condition! This is my favorite dress in the whole world and I already have it in white so I really wanted it in pink as well. I paid cheaper than the original price which made me really happy as well :) 

Liz Lisa My Melody 2nd collaboration dress in pink:
♡ Condition: 4.5/5 - This dress is in great condition! It is a bit older and the fabric shows slight signs of wear (such as piling and you can see that the ribbon has creases/wrinkles) but I don't mind any of those things so its great to me!

Ank Rouge "Heavenly" dress in pink:
♡ Condition: 4/5 -  I think this is just because of the fabric, but the color is a little faded on this dress. Its a really light dusty pink color which is great but I am unsure if it has always been this color! I really love the little lace stars on the bottom of the dress and I love how there are words on the peter pan collar (I am obsessed with that detail at the moment). 

Liz Lisa constellation set up:
♡ Condition: 5/5 - This set arrived new with tags and its in perfect condition! It was an impulse buy so I can't say that I super love it, just because I don't really wear or like tunic tops but I love the print so much! I figure I can just well the tunic top and keep the skirt if I wanted.

Ank Rouge lace sleeves cutsew:
♡ Condition: 5/5 This item was bought brand new from Ailand!

Pop teen magazine August 2017:
♡ Condition: 5/5 - Tenshi bought this for me brand new and it came with a free One Spo makeup sample! 

So many items! Okay so I kept debating back and forth with myself on whether I should talk about money here, and I've decided to just share with you how much the shipping and shopping service fees were. I am not here to brag about how expensive/cheap the items I bought were, but I think it would be useful to share with you the shipping costs! I did go a little crazy and buy three pairs of shoes and a bag in one order which I WOULD NOT recommend, but the shipping cost actually didn't startle me as much as I thought it would. 

In total in terms of fees and shipping I paid $135.48 USD. The shipping cost was $103.53 and the other fees included a PayPal fee of $21.95 and an ATM fee of $10.00.  OKAY yes i know its a lot of money (T_T)  but if I'm being honest I feel like I got a lot of stuff and especially with shoes and a purse, it was definitely worth it! Once I ordered from Tokyo Kawaii Life by myself and shipped to Tenso and they charged me about $95.00 and I only had one pair of shoes and one bag and a few clothing items. So like I said, to me this wasn't thaaaaaat bad. (My bank account is still crying though).

Tenshi Shopping Service Review:

I have used Tenshi maybe 7-8 times and I have always had a positive experience! It was the first shopping service I ever used and I still order with her so I am a very happy customer. When I first ordered from Tenshi, I was required to put down a $100 deposit before she started ordering my items. The deposit was then deducted from the total at the end of the purchase. Now, since I have ordered with her many many times she doesn't make me give a deposit and I just pay when all of the items have arrived and she is ready to ship! This is AMAZING because even if I don't have the money now, I can make the money later to pay her (which I guess is good and bad). Here are some other pros and cons I can think of:


♡ Can buy from Japanese websites that can only take Japanese credit cards (such as Ailand for Ank Rouge items)
♡ Can purchase items that can only by paid by "cash on delivery" I have only encountered this once, but when I was trying to preorder a dress from Lodispotto, the only option was to pay by cash upon delivery and she was happy to do this for me.
♡ Can hold your items if you purchase multiple items. I always add to my order so it can take weeks and she can always store them (but keep in mind that she lives in a tiny Japanese apartment so be courteous about how much you ask her to hold as for how long!
♡ Can purchase items in store for you AAHH this is the best thing about Tenshi. I wanted to get the Cinnamoroll x Liz Lisa collaboration dress in blue this year but that one sold out first online, so I emailed her and she was able to go in store and buy it for me! I also asked her this time to pick up a copy of Popteen magazine and she probably just went to a convenience store and bought one. SO COOL.
♡ Can buy from auction sites. Im not sure how this works I've never used her for an auction but I'm sure its great!
♡ Can buy lolita fashion! I am not really in the lolita community but I am pretty sure that Tenshi is one of the top lolita shopping services (at least thats what I've managed to gather from internet stalking all lolita videos). This is really nice because she will wait in line for like Angelic Pretty releases or whatever, and she is fluent in all the lolita terms (OTK, JSK, blah blah I don't know lol). 
♡ Can speak ENGLISH! I think she is American (please don't quote me on that I'm not sure) but she is fluent in English and Japanese so she is so good at communicating. If I have a weird circumstance I can always message her about it and she is also very good at communicating with Japanese sellers if you're buying second hand! 


♡ I'm not sure if this is necessarily a con but she does charge a 5% commissions fee on all your items. The reason I'm not sure if its a con is because it is really low and many shopping services do this? (I think) 
♡ There is alway an ATM fee of $10 that I've never asked her about, and there is almost always a PayPal fee as well. I am not too sure why but I'm sure if I read the terms and conditions closer or asked she would be able to tell me! I don't know why I haven't asked but its never bothered me especially for how excellent her service is! 
♡ She will not update you every time an item arrives, so you will have to ask if you want to know but I don't usually care because she will email me when the last item arrives !

So in conclusion I had a really great experience working with Tenshi as always! I hope you liked my haul and I think I am going to continue to do more hauls in the future! I just received another package today using the shopping service Japonica so it will be fun to do a comparison :) Please let me know if you want me to do this!

Thank you as always if you're reading! 

Saki ♡ 

ALSO little disclaimer I am horribly impatient so sorry if there are a lot of typos!


  1. For the shipping plus shopping service fees, I don't consider that expensive at all! Tenshi is definitely a bit on the cheaper side for SS's so it's a pretty reasonable price.

    1. I agree! And i think just the fact that communication is SO easy with her I definitely prefer Tenshi over services like Japonica most of the time, but then again I use different SS's for different reasons haha.