Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: Sky Rose (New Japanese Clothing Brand)

Hello everyone! 

Its been a long time since I have written a blog post, but I wanted to try my best and write a review for the lovely new clothing brand Sky Rose. I just received a dress I had ordered from them in the mail yesterday, and I was really thrilled at the opportunity to be one of the first people to review their clothes! Since I have only bought one item,  my review is solely based on this one item and this one experience with the brand. Please keep that in mind and if you are interested in my experience, please keep reading! 

One week ago I saw Alice (@arisucookie) post on Instagram that she was working with a brand called Sky Rose. Immediately, I was drawn to their IG because of the fact that Japanese model Nachos (@nachos_kimono) was modeling their clothing! If you follow me on IG, you will know that I am a HUGE fan of Nachos and you'll know that she can basically convince me to buy anything. My initial thoughts when I first browsed their website was that the clothing looks a lot like something MA*RS or DaTuRa would carry, maybe because of the roses and the bright pink colors? The reason I chose the bow lace dress is because of the soft colors and the long sleeves. I am generally not a huge fan of hot pink (or any bright pink color) so I found that some of the pieces on the website that had mainly hot pink were not my style. I was then deciding between the halter-neck light pink dress and the lace long sleeved dress, but ultimately went with the beautiful pink and white lace one piece dress, with bows on the front and back, because I love long sleeved dresses more than short/no sleeves. I will break my review down into the following categories: Price, Service (including wait time), Design, and Quality. (I also have to apologize for the quality of my pictures, I was in a hurry to write this post so I didn't take very good ones -_-;; )

FIRST: Here is the link to the dress if you'd like to go check it out from Sky Rose:

Here are pictures of the dress: (taken from

I placed my order on June 19th 2017 and paid a total of  ¥13,260 (¥9,500 + ¥3,000 EMS shipping + ¥760 tax) which roughly equaled to $123 USD. I have to admit, even for a buyer of Japanese fashion, this price point was a little bit rough for me to swallow, but in the end I didn't mind it because I really wanted to help support the brand and try something different. I did choose the most expensive option for shipping- I believe that you can ship through SAL but I chose EMS because let's be honest, I am too impatient to wait more than a few days for an item to arrive after its shipped. So I believe if you choose a different shipping method other than EMS, it will not be as expensive. Another great point to bring up is that they DO ship internationally which is super rare for Japanese clothing, so its super convenient that you do not need to use a shopping service to purchase! They also accept paypal (and I believe you can just enter your credit card directly as well), so it was very convenient in terms of the purchase process. So it is expensive, but at least you will not have to pay for a shopping services' commission and I think the prices are very comparable to buying a new Liz Lisa item on TokyoKawaiiLife anyway.

Service (and wait time):
I stressed "wait time" because if you buy anything from overseas, you will surely be accustomed to having to wait what seems like forever for your packages to arrive. As I am an impatient person, it is very important to me that I receive my items as quickly as I can after I've purchased it (hence, why I always choose EMS shipping option whenever I can.) As I said earlier, I placed my order on June 19th 2017. I then received a shipping confirmation email 3 days later on June 22nd 2017. I was able to pick up my package 5 days later from the post office on June 27th 2017. Altogether from the moment I purchased online to when I received the mail in my hands, the process took 8 days. (not bad!) I believe the standard time for shipping through EMS is 3-5 days depending on where you are, so I believe the wait time was very normal. It is definitely faster than using Tenso because there isn't that 1-2 day delay when they are processing your package at the warehouse. The only problem I encountered was the fact that on my shipping label they had forgotten to write one number on my zip code, so instead of it saying 80206, the label read 8026. I order items from japan very frequently, and they almost always take only 4 days from the moment the package is sent to arrive at my post office, but this package took 5 and stayed at the sorting facility in Los Angeles one day longer, so my guess is that it may have occurred because of this label error? However, it was only delayed one day and was still in the time frame of estimated arrival, so this was not a problem to me at all!

Here is how the package came to me:

No complaints! It is very standard and everything inside arrived safely.

When I opened the package, I found the dress wrapped in a custom designed plastic bag like how most Japanese clothes are packaged. I love that they put the logo on the wrap, it adds a nice special touch!

Again I would like to stress that I only have this one dress to base this entire review on, and it seems that there is only one other dress that is made with the same lace material, so I cannot speak for all of the products from this brand, but I can only speak for the one! This dress is made up of two different materials. The first is the lace- all the lace on the dress feels like really great quality. It isn't scratchy at all, in face its some of the softest lace I've ever felt! I really enjoy how it is lightweight so even though it is long sleeved, it feels really breezy in the summer heat and it didn't make me hot while wearing it at all. The second material on the dress is the one that the pink trim and bow are made of. It is stretchy and kind of shiny so it reminds me of the material that scuba suits are made of but thinner, but I am not sure exactly what it is called. At first I didn't like this material because it made me feel like the dress was a little costume-y, but after wearing it for the day I realized that it didn't look bad, and it was really easy to clean if something got on the trim (which is easy for me to do since I am so clumsy). One more thing I would like to note is that even though there is an layer of fabric underneath the dress, when I was taking photos in direct sunlight you could see the black shorts I was wearing underneath. I don't think this is a problem for me though, because I have white shorts I can easily wear underneath instead. I also got the smaller size (I believe there is an S and M size), but it is very stretchy and there is a zipper in the back as well so it should be able to accommodate a variety of sizes. All in all, I think the quality is really great and I love the overall design!

Here you can see a little bit where the picture is darker because of my black shorts underneath (hardly noticeable though!)

Another note that I would like to point out is that the edges on the lace aren't sewn, so there are few bits that have frayed a bit, but after I cut them off they are no problem!

In Conclusion...
I really had a good experience with buying from Sky Rose, and if there is something else that I wanted from them, I would definitely purchase from them again! I think the quality was great so I do not expect anything less from their other items, and combined with the fact that they shipped directly overseas I think that the overall experience was enjoyable.

Here are my pictures that I took with the dress :)

Thank you so much for reading this all the way through and I hope that I could help you make a decision! See you next time!



  1. That pink lace-ribbon dress from Sky Rose is beautiful! I really love it - it's so wonderfully girly and feminine! I love pink, lace, ribbons, bows, and scalloped hems Your outfit photos are all fabulous!

    1. Thanks a lot! I really love this dress too I am glad that i have it, it makes a great summer piece! Thank you so much for reading! ♡

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